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Convert umask from string <-> number.

Installation & Use

``` $ npm install -S umask

var umask = require(‘umask’);

console.log(umask.toString(18)); // 0022

console.log(umask.fromString(‘0777’)) // 511 ```


toString( val )

Converts val to a 0-padded octal string. val is assumed to be a Number in the correct range (0..511)

fromString( val, [cb] )

Converts val to a Number that can be used as a umask. val can be of the following forms:

In all cases above, the value obtained is then converted to an integer and checked against the legal umask range 0..511

fromString can be used as a simple converter, with no error feedback, by omitting the optional callback argument cb:

``` var mask = umask.fromString(val);

// mask is now the umask descibed by val or // the default, 0022 (18 dec) ```

The callback arguments are (err, val) where err is either null or an Error object and val is either the converted umask or the default umask, 0022.

``` umask.fromString(val, function (err, val) { if (err) { console.error(“invalid umask: ” + err.message) }

   /* do something with val */

}); ```

The callback, if provided, is always called synchronously.

validate( data, k, val )

This is a validation function of the form expected by nopt. If val is a valid umask, the function returns true and sets data[k]. If val is not a valid umask, the function returns false.

The validate function is stricter than fromString: it only accepts Number or octal String values, and the String value must begin with 0. The validate function does not accept Strings containing decimal numbers.


Sam Mikes smikes@cubane.com