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Controlling Flow: callbacks are easy

What’s actually hard?

Common Mistakes

Define Conventions



javascript // return true if a path is either // a symlink or a directory. function isLinkOrDir (path, cb) { fs.lstat(path, function (er, s) { if (er) return cb(er) return cb(null, s.isDirectory() || s.isSymbolicLink()) }) }




javascript var asyncMap = require("slide").asyncMap function writeFiles (files, what, cb) { asyncMap(files, function (f, cb) { fs.writeFile(f, what, cb) }, cb) } writeFiles([my, file, list], "foo", cb)



javascript function (cb) { blah(a, b, c, cb) }


javascript chain([ doThing && [thing, a, b, c] , isFoo && [doFoo, "foo"] , subChain && [chain, [one, two]] ], cb)

Non-trivial example

javascript var chain = require("slide").chain function myProgram (cb) { var res = [], last = chain.last, first = chain.first chain([ [fs, "readdir", "the-directory"] , [readFiles, "the-directory", last] , [sum, last] , [ping, "POST", "example.com", 80, "/foo", last] , [fs, "writeFile", "result.txt", last] , [rmFiles, "./the-directory", first] ], res, cb) }

Conclusion: Convention Profits