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Parse package name and specifier passed to commands like npm install or npm cache add. This just parses the text given-- it's worth noting that npm has further logic it applies by looking at your disk to figure out what ambiguous specifiers are. If you want that logic, please see realize-package-specifier.

Arguments look like: foo@1.2, @bar/foo@1.2, foo@user/foo, http://x.com/foo.tgz, git+https://github.com/user/foo, bitbucket:user/foo, foo.tar.gz or bar


var assert = require("assert")
var npa = require("npm-package-arg")

// Pass in the descriptor, and it'll return an object
var parsed = npa("@bar/foo@1.2")

// Returns an object like:
  raw: '@bar/foo@1.2',       // what was passed in
  name: '@bar/foo',          // the name of the package
  escapedName: '@bar%2ffoo', // the escaped name, for making requests against a registry
  scope: '@bar',             // the scope of the package, or null
  type: 'range',             // the type of specifier this is
  spec: '>=1.2.0 <1.3.0',    // the expanded specifier
  rawSpec: '1.2'             // the specifier as passed in

// Parsing urls pointing at hosted git services produces a variation:
var parsed = npa("git+https://github.com/user/foo")

// Returns an object like:
  raw: 'git+https://github.com/user/foo',
  scope: null,
  name: null,
  escapedName: null,
  rawSpec: 'git+https://github.com/user/foo',
  spec: 'user/foo',
  type: 'hosted',
  hosted: {
    type: 'github',
    ssh: 'git@github.com:user/foo.git',
    sshurl: 'git+ssh://git@github.com/user/foo.git',
    https: 'https://github.com/user/foo.git',
    directUrl: 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/user/foo/master/package.json'

// Completely unreasonable invalid garbage throws an error
// Make sure you wrap this in a try/catch if you have not
// already sanitized the inputs!
assert.throws(function() {
  npa("this is not \0 a valid package name or url")


var npa = require('npm-package-arg')

Parses arg and returns a result object detailing what arg is.

arg -- a package descriptor, like: foo@1.2, or foo@user/foo, or http://x.com/foo.tgz, or git+https://github.com/user/foo


The objects that are returned by npm-package-arg contain the following keys:

If you only include a name and no specifier part, eg, foo or foo@ then a default of latest will be used (as of 4.1.0). This is contrast with previous behavior where * was used.