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A backwards-compatible fs.realpath for Node v6 and above

In Node v6, the JavaScript implementation of fs.realpath was replaced with a faster (but less resilient) native implementation. That raises new and platform-specific errors and cannot handle long or excessively symlink-looping paths.

This module handles those cases by detecting the new errors and falling back to the JavaScript implementation. On versions of Node prior to v6, it has no effect.


```js var rp = require(‘fs.realpath’)

// async version rp.realpath(someLongAndLoopingPath, function (er, real) { // the ELOOP was handled, but it was a bit slower })

// sync version var real = rp.realpathSync(someLongAndLoopingPath)

// monkeypatch at your own risk! // This replaces the fs.realpath/fs.realpathSync builtins rp.monkeypatch()

// un-do the monkeypatching rp.unmonkeypatch() ```