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Emissary – Mixins for Events Build Status

Achtung! This library is currently used in Atom and various Atom dependencies, but our long-term plan is to transition away from it in favor of the simpler event-kit library. Don't depend on supporting this library forever.

Achtung Again! The Subscriber mixin requires ES6 Harmony WeakMaps. To enable them, run your program with the node --harmony_collections flag. If you're using it in a node framework such as jasmine, run its script with the flag enabled as follows: node --harmony-collections .bin/jasmine-node specs.


Emitter is backward-compatible with Node's event emitter, but offers more functionality. You can construct standalone Emitter instances or use it as a mixin.


Subscriber works in partnership with an emitter or any object supporting subscription cancellation with .off. This includes standard Node event emitters and jQuery objects.