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The cmd-shim used in npm to create executable scripts on Windows, since symlinks are not suitable for this purpose there.

On Unix systems, you should use a symbolic link instead.

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npm install cmd-shim


cmdShim(from, to, cb)

Create a cmd shim at to for the command line program at from. e.g.

var cmdShim = require('cmd-shim');
cmdShim(__dirname + '/cli.js', '/usr/bin/command-name', function (err) {
  if (err) throw err;

cmdShim.ifExists(from, to, cb)

The same as above, but will just continue if the file does not exist. Source:

function cmdShimIfExists (from, to, cb) {
  fs.stat(from, function (er) {
    if (er) return cb()
    cmdShim(from, to, cb)