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easily create complex multi-column command-line-interfaces.


```js var ui = require(‘cliui’)({ width: 80 })

ui.div(‘Usage: $0 [command] [options]’)

ui.div({ text: ‘Options:’, padding: [2, 0, 2, 0] })

ui.div( { text: “-f, –file”, width: 20, padding: [0, 4, 0, 4] }, { text: “the file to load.” + chalk.green(“(if this description is long it wraps).”) , width: 20 }, { text: chalk.red(“[required]”), align: ‘right’ } )

console.log(ui.toString()) ```

Layout DSL

cliui exposes a simple layout DSL:

If you create a single ui.row, passing a string rather than an object:

as an example…

```js var ui = require(‘./’)({ width: 60 })

ui.div( ‘Usage: node ./bin/foo.js\n’ + ‘ \t provide a regex\n’ + ‘ \t provide a glob\t [required]’ )

console.log(ui.toString()) ```

will output:

shell Usage: node ./bin/foo.js <regex> provide a regex <glob> provide a glob [required]


js cliui = require('cliui')

cliui({width: integer})

Specify the maximum width of the UI being generated.

cliui({wrap: boolean})

Enable or disable the wrapping of text in a column.

cliui.div(column, column, column)

Create a row with any number of columns, a column can either be a string, or an object with the following options:

cliui.span(column, column, column)

Similar to div, except the next row will be appended without a new line being created.