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Port of the OpenBSD bcrypt_pbkdf function to pure Javascript. npm-ified version of [Devi Mandiri's port] (https://github.com/devi/tmp/blob/master/js/bcrypt_pbkdf.js), with some minor performance improvements. The code is copied verbatim (and un-styled) from Devi's work.

This product includes software developed by Niels Provos.


bcrypt_pbkdf.pbkdf(pass, passlen, salt, saltlen, key, keylen, rounds)

Derive a cryptographic key of arbitrary length from a given password and salt, using the OpenBSD bcrypt_pbkdf function. This is a combination of Blowfish and SHA-512.

See this article for further information.


bcrypt_pbkdf.hash(sha2pass, sha2salt, out)

Calculate a Blowfish hash, given SHA2-512 output of a password and salt. Used as part of the inner round function in the PBKDF.