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ansistyles build status

Functions that surround a string with ansistyle codes so it prints in style.

In case you need colors, like red, have a look at ansicolors.


npm install ansistyles


```js var styles = require(‘ansistyles’);

console.log(styles.bright(‘hello world’)); // prints hello world in ‘bright’ white console.log(styles.underline(‘hello world’)); // prints hello world underlined console.log(styles.inverse(‘hello world’)); // prints hello world black on white ```

Combining with ansicolors

Get the ansicolors module:

npm install ansicolors

```js var styles = require(‘ansistyles’) , colors = require(‘ansicolors’);

console.log( // prints hello world underlined in blue on a green background colors.bgGreen(colors.blue(styles.underline(‘hello world’))) ); ```


Look at the tests to see more examples and/or run them via:

npm explore ansistyles && npm test

More Styles

As you can see from here, more styles are available, but didn’t have any effect on the terminals that I tested on Mac Lion and Ubuntu Linux.

I included them for completeness, but didn’t show them in the examples because they seem to have no effect.


A style reset function is also included, please note however that this is not nestable.

Therefore the below only underlines hell only, but not world.

js console.log(styles.underline('hell' + styles.reset('o') + ' world'));

It is essentially the same as:

js console.log(styles.underline('hell') + styles.reset('') + 'o world');


ansistyles tries to meet simple use cases with a very simple API. However, if you need a more powerful ansi formatting tool, I’d suggest to look at the features of the ansi module.