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    1 make tcl ;# assumes a Tcl dev environment
    3 On Thursday, October 8, 2015 at 4:54:25 PM UTC+2, heinrichmartin wrote on comp.lang.tcl:
    4 > Hi,
    5 > 
    6 > ansifilter is a nice little tool[1], written by André Simon. It removes or converts ansi escape sequences and has various output formats. I wanted to wrap the C++ code in a Tcl package to provide channel transformers[2].
    7 > 
    8 > I started with "Hello World as a C extension"[3] and successfully compiled and used that code with Tcl8.6 and g++. The current status is not even close to a generic package, but my use case was only "ansifilter -fL" - so further effort seems unlikely at the moment: time to share it :-)
    9 > 
   10 > The .src.rpm[4] contains the ansifilter 1.12 source and a patch that adds the Tcl-code and make-target. You can use a rpmbuild environment "rpmbuild -ba SPECS/ansifilter.spec" or just extract, patch and "make tcl".
   11 > 
   12 > src/tcl/ansifilter.c is really just a start though. At least, it seems not to leak memory (converted random numbers to LaTeX code for 30min with not change in ps -o rss,vsz).
   13 > 
   14 > Comments are welcome!
   15 > Martin
   16 > 
   17 > [1] http://andre-simon.de/zip/download.php#ansifilter
   18 > [2] http://core.tcl.tk/tcllib/doc/trunk/embedded/www/tcllib/files/modules/virtchannel_core/transformcore.html
   19 > [3] http://wiki.tcl.tk/11153
   20 > [4] https://app.box.com/s/yxyu45ha19m6bzuyt4yk869675x3nq5v