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ProGuard is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Please consult the license page for more details.

ProGuard is written in Java, so it requires a Java Runtime Environment (JRE 1.4 or higher).

You can download the latest release (containing the program jar, the documentation you're reading now, examples, and the source code) from this location:

Download section (at SourceForge)

If you're still working with an older version of ProGuard, check out the summary of changes below, to see if you're missing something essential. Better look at the up-to-date on-line version if you're reading a local copy of this page.

The download section may also contain updates with sub-minor version numbers. These versions are typically released shortly after their parent versions, for applying emergency fixes. Please make sure to look at those if you are encountering any problems with recent releases.

Finally, there may be beta versions of upcoming releases. They may be of interest too, because they typically contain any less urgent bug fixes collected since the previous release.

Dec 2011
Version 4.7

Feb 2011
Version 4.6

Jun 2010
Version 4.5

Jul 2009
Version 4.4

Dec 2008
Version 4.3

Mar 2008
Version 4.2

Dec 2007
Version 4.1

Sep 2007
Version 4.0

Upgrade considerations:

Dec 2007
Version 3.11

Aug 2007
Version 3.10

Jun 2007
Version 3.9

Mar 2007
Version 3.8

Dec 2006
Version 3.7

May 2006
Version 3.6

Jan 2006
Version 3.5

Oct 2005
Version 3.4

Jun 2005
Version 3.3

Dec 2004
Version 3.2

Nov 2004
Version 3.1

Aug 2004
Version 3.0

Mar 2004
Version 2.1

Dec 2003
Version 2.0

Aug 2003
Version 1.7

May 2003
Version 1.6

Jan 2003
Version 1.5

Nov 2002
Version 1.4

Sep 2002
Version 1.3

Aug 2002
Version 1.2

Jul 2002
Version 1.1

Jun 2002
Version 1.0

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