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Member "src/Setup/Linux/veracrypt-uninstall.sh" (10 Oct 2018, 328 Bytes) of package /windows/misc/VeraCrypt_1.23-Hotfix-2_Source.zip:

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    1 #!/bin/sh
    2 V="$(mount | grep veracrypt_aux_mnt)"
    3 [ "$V" ] && echo Error: All volumes must be dismounted first. && exit 1
    5 rm -f /usr/bin/veracrypt
    6 rm -f /usr/share/applications/veracrypt.desktop
    7 rm -f /usr/share/pixmaps/veracrypt.xpm
    8 rm -fr /usr/share/veracrypt
   10 echo VeraCrypt uninstalled.
   11 rm -f /usr/bin/veracrypt-uninstall.sh