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    1 /*
    2  Derived from source code of TrueCrypt 7.1a, which is
    3  Copyright (c) 2008-2012 TrueCrypt Developers Association and which is governed
    4  by the TrueCrypt License 3.0.
    6  Modifications and additions to the original source code (contained in this file) 
    7  and all other portions of this file are Copyright (c) 2013-2017 IDRIX
    8  and are governed by the Apache License 2.0 the full text of which is
    9  contained in the file License.txt included in VeraCrypt binary and source
   10  code distribution packages.
   11 */
   13 import "wtypes.idl";
   14 import "..\Common\Password.h";
   16 [
   17     uuid(9ACF6176-5FC4-4690-A025-B3306A50EB6A),
   18     helpstring("VeraCrypt Main UAC Support Library"),
   19     version(2.10)   // Update ComSetup.cpp when changing version number
   20 ]
   21 library TrueCryptMainCom
   22 {
   23     [
   24         uuid(C786E27C-2801-482c-B45D-D4357B270A29),
   25         object,
   26         oleautomation,
   27         helpstring("VeraCrypt Main UAC Support Interface")
   28     ]
   29     interface ITrueCryptMainCom : IUnknown
   30     {
   31         void AnalyzeKernelMiniDump (LONG_PTR hwndDlg);
   32         int BackupVolumeHeader (LONG_PTR hwndDlg, BOOL bRequireConfirmation, BSTR lpszVolume);
   33         DWORD CallDriver (DWORD ioctl, BSTR input, BSTR *output);
   34         int ChangePassword (BSTR volumePath, Password *oldPassword, Password *newPassword, int pkcs5, int wipePassCount, LONG_PTR hWnd);
   35         DWORD CopyFile (BSTR sourceFile, BSTR destinationFile);
   36         DWORD DeleteFile (BSTR file);
   37         BOOL IsPagingFileActive (BOOL checkNonWindowsPartitionsOnly);
   38         DWORD ReadWriteFile (BOOL write, BOOL device, BSTR filePath, BSTR *bufferBstr, unsigned __int64 offset, unsigned __int32 size, DWORD *sizeDone);
   39         DWORD RegisterFilterDriver (BOOL registerDriver, int filterType);
   40         DWORD RegisterSystemFavoritesService (BOOL registerService);
   41         int RestoreVolumeHeader (LONG_PTR hwndDlg, BSTR lpszVolume);
   42         DWORD SetDriverServiceStartType (DWORD startType);
   43         DWORD WriteLocalMachineRegistryDwordValue (BSTR keyPath, BSTR valueName, DWORD value);
   44         int ChangePasswordEx (BSTR volumePath, Password *oldPassword, int old_pkcs5, Password *newPassword, int pkcs5, int wipePassCount, LONG_PTR hWnd);
   45         int ChangePasswordEx2 (BSTR volumePath, Password *oldPassword, int old_pkcs5, BOOL truecryptMode, Password *newPassword, int pkcs5, int wipePassCount, LONG_PTR hWnd);
   46         int ChangePasswordEx3 (BSTR volumePath, Password *oldPassword, int old_pkcs5, int old_pim, BOOL truecryptMode, Password *newPassword, int pkcs5, int pim, int wipePassCount, LONG_PTR hWnd);
   47         DWORD GetFileSize (BSTR filePath, unsigned __int64* pSize);
   48         DWORD DeviceIoControl (BOOL readOnly, BOOL device, BSTR filePath, DWORD dwIoControlCode, BSTR input, BSTR *output);
   49         DWORD InstallEfiBootLoader (BOOL preserveUserConfig, BOOL hiddenOSCreation, int pim, int hashAlg);
   50         DWORD BackupEfiSystemLoader ();
   51         DWORD RestoreEfiSystemLoader ();
   52         DWORD GetEfiBootDeviceNumber (BSTR* pSdn);
   53         DWORD WriteEfiBootSectorUserConfig (DWORD userConfig, BSTR customUserMessage, int pim, int hashAlg);
   54         DWORD UpdateSetupConfigFile (BOOL bForInstall);
   55         DWORD GetSecureBootConfig (BOOL* pSecureBootEnabled, BOOL *pVeraCryptKeysLoaded);
   56     };
   58     [
   59         uuid(FE8B3B95-C80C-41f7-830F-FBA271C26F7E),
   60         helpstring("VeraCrypt Main UAC Support Coclass")
   61     ]
   62     coclass TrueCryptMainCom
   63     {
   64         [default] interface ITrueCryptMainCom;
   65     }
   66 }