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    1 /*
    2  Derived from source code of TrueCrypt 7.1a, which is
    3  Copyright (c) 2008-2012 TrueCrypt Developers Association and which is governed
    4  by the TrueCrypt License 3.0.
    6  Modifications and additions to the original source code (contained in this file)
    7  and all other portions of this file are Copyright (c) 2013-2017 IDRIX
    8  and are governed by the Apache License 2.0 the full text of which is
    9  contained in the file License.txt included in VeraCrypt binary and source
   10  code distribution packages.
   11 */
   13 #ifdef  __cplusplus
   14 extern "C" {
   15 #endif
   17 BOOL ReadLocalMachineRegistryDword (wchar_t *subKey, wchar_t *name, DWORD *value);
   18 BOOL ReadLocalMachineRegistryMultiString (wchar_t *subKey, wchar_t *name, wchar_t *value, DWORD *size);
   19 BOOL ReadLocalMachineRegistryString (const wchar_t *subKey, wchar_t *name, wchar_t *value, DWORD *size);
   20 BOOL ReadLocalMachineRegistryStringNonReflected (const wchar_t *subKey, wchar_t *name, wchar_t *str, DWORD *size, BOOL b32bitApp);
   21 int ReadRegistryInt (wchar_t *subKey, wchar_t *name, int defaultValue);
   22 wchar_t *ReadRegistryString (wchar_t *subKey, wchar_t *name, wchar_t *defaultValue, wchar_t *str, int maxLen);
   23 DWORD ReadRegistryBytes (wchar_t *path, wchar_t *name, char *value, int maxLen);
   24 void WriteRegistryInt (wchar_t *subKey, wchar_t *name, int value);
   25 BOOL WriteLocalMachineRegistryDword (wchar_t *subKey, wchar_t *name, DWORD value);
   26 BOOL WriteLocalMachineRegistryMultiString (wchar_t *subKey, wchar_t *name, wchar_t *multiString, DWORD size);
   27 BOOL WriteLocalMachineRegistryString (wchar_t *subKey, wchar_t *name, wchar_t *str, BOOL expandable);
   28 void WriteRegistryString (wchar_t *subKey, wchar_t *name, wchar_t *str);
   29 BOOL WriteRegistryBytes (wchar_t *path, wchar_t *name, char *str, DWORD size);
   30 BOOL DeleteLocalMachineRegistryKey (wchar_t *parentKey, wchar_t *subKeyToDelete);
   31 void DeleteRegistryValue (wchar_t *subKey, wchar_t *name);
   32 void GetStartupRegKeyName (wchar_t *regk, size_t cbRegk);
   33 void GetRestorePointRegKeyName (wchar_t *regk, size_t cbRegk);
   35 #ifdef  __cplusplus
   36 }
   37 #endif