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    1 /*
    2  Legal Notice: Some portions of the source code contained in this file were
    3  derived from the source code of TrueCrypt 7.1a, which is
    4  Copyright (c) 2003-2012 TrueCrypt Developers Association and which is
    5  governed by the TrueCrypt License 3.0, also from the source code of
    6  Encryption for the Masses 2.02a, which is Copyright (c) 1998-2000 Paul Le Roux
    7  and which is governed by the 'License Agreement for Encryption for the Masses'
    8  Modifications and additions to the original source code (contained in this file)
    9  and all other portions of this file are Copyright (c) 2013-2017 IDRIX
   10  and are governed by the Apache License 2.0 the full text of which is
   11  contained in the file License.txt included in VeraCrypt binary and source
   12  code distribution packages. */
   14 #ifdef __cplusplus
   15 extern "C" {
   16 #endif
   18 #ifndef PBM_SETSTATE
   20 #define PBM_SETSTATE            (WM_USER+16) // wParam = PBST_[State] (NORMAL, ERROR, PAUSED)
   21 #define PBST_NORMAL             0x0001
   22 #define PBST_ERROR              0x0002
   23 #define PBST_PAUSED             0x0003
   25 #endif
   27 void InitProgressBar (__int64 totalBytes, __int64 bytesDone, BOOL bReverse, BOOL bIOThroughput, BOOL bDisplayStatus, BOOL bShowPercent);
   28 BOOL UpdateProgressBar (__int64 byteOffset);
   29 BOOL UpdateProgressBarProc (__int64 byteOffset);
   31 #ifdef __cplusplus
   32 }
   33 #endif