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fbc − The FreeBASIC compiler


Compiles FreeBASIC source code files (*.bas) to native code.


fbc [options] input-files



*.a = library, *.o = object, *.bas = source, *.rc = win32 resource script, *.res = win32 compiled resource, *.xpm = X11 icon resource


Read more command line arguments from a file

−a file

Treat file as .o/.a input file

−arch type

Set target architecture (default: 486)

−asm att|intel

Set the assembler format for Asm blocks and for code generation (x86 only)

−b file

Treat file as .bas input file


Compile only, do not link


Preserve temporary .o files

−d name[=val]

Add a global #define


Same as −dylib


Create a Win32 DLL or Linux/*BSD shared library


Enable runtime error checking


Enable array bounds checking


Enable assert() and assertwarn() checking


Enable __FB_DEBUG__


Add debug information


Enable full error location reporting


Enable null-pointer checking

−entry name

Change the entry point of the program from main()


-e plus RESUME support


-ex plus array bounds/null-pointer checking


Export symbols for dynamic linkage

−forcelang name

Override #lang statements in source code

−fpmode fast|precise

Select floating-point math accuracy/speed

−fpu x87|sse

Set target FPU


Add debug info, enable __FB_DEBUG__, and enable asserts

−gen gas|gcc|llvm|as64

Select code generation backend

−i path

Add an include file search path

−include file

Pre-#include a file for each input .bas

−l name

Link in a library

−lang name

Select FB dialect: fb (default), deprecated, qb, fblite


Create a static library

−m name

Set main module (default if not -c: first input .bas)

−map file

Save linking map to file

−maxerr n

Only show n errors


Use thread-safe FB runtime


Do not include the default libraries


Do not show source context in error messages


Do not strip symbol information from the output file

−o file

Set .o file name for corresponding input .bas

−O value

Optimization level (default: 0)

−p path

Add a library search path


Generate position-independent code (non-x86 Unix shared libs)


Write out preprocessed input file (.pp.bas) only

−prefix path

Set the compiler prefix path

−print host|target

Display host/target system name

−print x

Display output binary/library file name (if known)

−print sha-1

Display compiler’s source code commit sha-1 (if known)


Enable function profiling


Write out .asm (-gen gas) or .c (-gen gcc) only


Write out the final .asm only


Preserve the temporary .asm/.c file


Preserve the final .asm file

−s console|gui

Select win32 subsystem


Prefer static libraries over dynamic ones when linking


Omit all symbol information from the output file

−t value

Set Win32/DOS .exe stack size in kbytes, default: 1024

−target name

Set cross-compilation target

−title name

Set XBE display title (XBox)


Be verbose

−vec n

Automatic vectorization level (default: 0)


Show compiler version

−w all|pedantic|n

Set minimum warning level: all, pedantic, or an integer

−w all

Enable all warnings

−w none

Disable all warnings

−w param

Enable parameter warnings

−w escape

Enable string escape sequence warnings

−w next

Enable next statement warnings

−w signedness

Enable type signedness warnings

−w constness

Enable const type warnings

−w suffix

Enable invalid suffix warnings

−w error

Report warnings as errors

−Wa a,b,c

Pass options to GAS

−Wc a,b,c

Pass options to GCC (with -gen gcc)

−Wl a,b,c

Pass options to LD

−x file

Set output executable/library file name

−z gosub-setjmp

Use setjmp/longjmp to implement GOSUB

−z nocmdline

Disable #cmdline source directives



Overrides location of GNU as (assembler)


Overrides location of GNU ld (linker)


Overrides location of gcc (-gen gcc)


The full language specification and help is available in wiki format at https://www.freebasic.net/wiki/


Copyright © 2004−2021 The FreeBASIC Development Team
This is free software. You may redistribute copies of it under the terms of the GNU General Public License <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html>. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.


Any bugs should be reported on the Sourceforge.net tracker located at http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/fbc


This manpage written by Ebben Feagan (ebben.feagan@gmail.com)