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    1 From the GoRC.htm manual:
    3 Copyright
    5 GoRC is Copyright © Jeremy Gordon 1997-2013 [MrDuck Software] - all rights
    6 reserved.
    8 GoRC - licence and distribution
   10 You may use GoRC for any purpose including making commercial programs. You
   11 may redistribute it freely (but not for payment nor for use with a program
   12 or any material for which the user is asked to pay). You are not entitled to
   13 hide or deny my copyright.
   15 Disclaimer
   17 I have made every effort to ensure that GoRC's output is accurate, but you
   18 do use it entirely at your own risk. I cannot accept any liability for it
   19 failing to work properly or giving the wrong output nor for any errors in
   20 this manual.