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Latest release 0.2.3

2811 visitors since January 99
Last updated on : June 13, 1999


  • 13/06/1999 - CVS available!
    Thanks to Russell Smith, development version of wxHTML is available through CVS. See Download page for details!
  • 13/06/1999 - 0.2.3 release
    Only minor changes and bugfixes.
  • 16/05/1999 - New release
    Well, 0.2.1 is out. It contains some bug fixes (mainly related to Visual C++) and new help controller that works with MS HTML Help Workshop projects as it's native format. Patch from previous version is only 30kB so don't hesitate to download it!
  • 02/05/1999 - Beta release 0.2 is out!
    Ok, it's here, download it! Help controller is included (and broken under MSW/Mingw32 - I'll fix it asap. If anyone can help with it, please do so...)


I started work on this library in January, 1999.
The main goal was to provide light-weight HTML viewer for wxWindows 2 toolkit. This viewer was expected to be used as help/documentation browser rather than full-featured web browser.

This library is released under wxWindows Library Licence, Version 3. It is basically GNU Library General Public Licence except that it makes using wxHTML in commercial products much easier.

The library should work on all platforms supported by wxWindows - it is written as poor wxWindows-only code, without line of platform-specific code (as I hope :-). It is known to compile under these enviromnets:

  • EGCS under Linux
  • Cygwin b20 or Mingw32 under Windows 95