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wxWindows Roadmap

Schedule | To-Do List

This page represents current thinking about where wxWindows is going in the near, medium and long-term. It also serves as a schedule for new releases so that both developers and users can know what to expect when, at least approximately.

Note (1): as the wxWindows effort is voluntary, these are not hard-and-fast deadlines: but we will endeavour to follow them as closely as possible.

Note (2): the releases described are for wxGTK, wxMSW and wxMotif ports. wxMac currently follows its own development path. Also, minor snapshot releases for specific platforms may be available at dates convenient to the developers.


Release 2.1.10

Release 2.1.11 (final)

Release 2.1.12

Release 2.1.13

Release 2.2.0

Release 2.2.x (final)

Release 2.3.x (final)

To-Do List

Developers: please feel free to add to these, and delete them when they are done.