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Mark Johnson, Berlin Germany

 DBBrowser : What does not Work ?


Stand: 2000-02-04.01-mj10777

Problem :  Only gcc 2.95 Compiler :
Assert failed in file ../../src/msw/fontutil.cpp at line 238: unknown font slant
Solution :unknown

Problem :  Only gcc 2.95 Compiler :
Assert failed in file ../../src/msw/fontutil.cpp at line 249: unknown font weight
Solution :unknown

Problem :When Help is closed with a Full HTML-View, you see nothing when Help is again started. (Page is Grey)
Press the Upper left Button, so that the screen is again split.
Solution :unknown

Problem :The Middle (Center) Mouse-Wheel does not scroll the HTLM-Page (Rightside)
It does work on the Leftside
Solution :unknown

Problem :How can Help be called and a certin Page be opened (Context Help)
Solution :p_Help-> Display("GUp_Mask_Kunden.htm#Sonstiges");

Problem :Why doesn't the Refresh-Button (F5) work?
solved :unknown

Problem :Images that show with HelpView, do not show up when called from OnHelp()
Logbook : Warning: No handler found for image type.
Why wasn't this message translated to German ?
Solution :
Added following Code in DBBrowser.cpp(MyApp::OnInit()):
wxImage::AddHandler( new wxPNGHandler );

wxGrid (new Version)
Problem :When wxGrid is used in wxPaggedWindows, the Scrollbars do not work.
Solution :04.02.2000 : This has been solved with the new code.

wxGrid (new Version) 04.02.2000
Problem :Often : Error: wxGrid::CreateGrid(numRows, numCols) called more than once
Solution :unknown

next Problem
Problem :something will turn up, it allways do.
Solution :unknown