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Mark Johnson, Berlin Germany

 DBBrowser : Used Icons (.ICO / .XPM)


Stand: 2000-01-22.01-mj10777

Which Icons are used for what ?
*.xpm have not been tested with   Linux as of yet !
 col.ico / col.xpmdbtree.cpp :
ODBC Column in a Table (not a Primary or Foreign Key)
 d_closed.ico / d_closed.xpmpgmctrl + dbtree.cpp :
last branch of Tree (not selected)
 d_open.ico / d_open.xpmpgmctrl + dbtree.cpp :
last Branch of tree (selected)
 dsn.ico / dsn.xpmgood question
 dsnclose.ico / dsnclose.xpmpgmctrl.cpp :
Main Branch of ODBC-DSN Tree (not selected)
 dsnopen.ico / dsnopen.xpmpgmctrl.cpp :
Main Branch of ODBC-DSN Tree (selected)
 f_closed.ico / f_closed.xpmpgmctrl.cpp :
Main Branch of Program-Setting-DSN Tree (not selected)
 f_open.ico / f_open.xpmpgmctrl.cpp :
Main Branch of Program-Setting-DSN Tree (not selected)
 key.ico / key.xpmdbtree.cpp :
ODBC Primary-Key Column in a Table
 keyf.ico / keyf.xpmdbtree.cpp :
ODBC Foreign-Key Column in a Table
 logo.ico / logo.xpmProgramm Logo
 pgmctrl.ico / pgmctrl.xpm / pgmctrl.bmppgmctrl.cpp :
Tab Bitmap
 tab.ico / tab.xpmdbtree.cpp :
ODBC Table
 view.ico / view.xpmdbtree.cpp :
All other Pictograms are not used in DBBrowser
(they are .png files)

It will be nice, when the time comes where we can use XPM files for everything.