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Mark Johnson, Berlin Germany

 DBBrowser : Where has DBBrowser been Compilied ?


Stand: 2000-01-22.01-mj10777

 Windows NT 4.0 Server - SP 4 VC++ 6.0 Compiler
wxWindows CVS 21.01.2000 18:00Static Library
nmake -f makefile.vc FINAL=1
Mark Johnson, Berlin GermanySmall .EXE and stable

 Windows NT 4.0 Server - SP 4 mingw32 gcc-2.95 Compiler
wxWindows CVS 21.01.2000 18:00Static Library
make -f makefile.g95
Mark Johnson, Berlin GermanyBig .EXE and unstable

 Linux - Redhat 6.1 gcc Compiler ?
wxWindows  CVS ??.01.2000 ??:00??

 Linux - SuSE 6.1 gcc Compiler ?
wxWindows  CVS ??.01.2000 ??:00??