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The "Fossies" Archive Search Facility for Folder "/windows/mail":

You may search with maximal shown matches

  for package file names:     (for e.g. "pad")
  for package short descriptions*:     (for e.g. "editor")
  for package internal member file names*:     (for e.g. "editor\.c")
  in contents of package internal docs files*:     (full text search with max. shown matched lines)

Approximative search mode ?
off max. 1 error max. 2 errors best match

Case-sensitive search ("a" and "A" are considered differently) ?
no yes

Folder search depth ?
current folder incl. direct subfolders unlimited
The input string is interpreted as an exact search pattern (with simple regular expressions allowed). Additionally you may use the AND/OR logical operators.
Fill in only one search input field (if multiple fields are filled the "lowest" one is used) with the following exception:
*The topmost field "package file names" may be used to restrict the search space for the other searches.
Last but not least a warning: Searching in the approximative search mode or within the internal document files may be slow!
Some further infos you may find within the "Fossies" features list page.

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