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About: Extension Development Kit for WinPMail v2.0 and later

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Archive:  wpmforms.zip

     Extension Development Kit for WinPMail v2.0 and later.
                     Pegasus Mail System,
    Copyright (c) 1990-96, David Harris, All Rights Reserved.

This ZIP file contains two files - this file, and a file called
FORMS240.ZIP, which contains the current version of the Extension
Development Kit. FORMS240.ZIP contains a directory structure and
must be unzipped using the command


You may install FORMS240.ZIP in any directory - it does not need
to be installed in the directory where WinPMail is located. We
recommend you install it somewhere in your development system's
project tree.

Please read the file READ.ME after you have unzipped FORMS240.ZIP.
  Length      Date    Time    Name
---------  ---------- -----   ----
Basic infos (README, FAQ, INSTALL, ChangeLog, ...):
      715  06-23-1996 14:33   README.FRM

Basic docs (manual pages, PDF-,HTML-,/doc/-files, ...):
 (not found)

All other files:
   186282  06-23-1996 14:32   FORMS240.ZIP
---------                     -------
   186997                     2 files (remark: no. of files includes also the directory entries that are omitted in this view)

 MD5 (wpmforms.zip): f8e4ce4fd401e18a221e8962eeb80dad
SHA1 (wpmforms.zip): ba7e5a9493fe962ec6559f2c58439cd80e4cd2ed