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    1 From: Technical Support <support@pmail.gen.nz>
    2 To: New Pegasus Mail User
    3 Subject: Pegasus Mail and WINSOCK.DLL
    4 Date: Sun, 10 May 1998 18:40:41 +1200
    6 Pegasus Mail has full support for direct Internet e-mail using the
    7 TCP/IP networking protocols. These protocols are supported by a
    8 special Windows module called WINSOCK.DLL, which should either have
    9 been supplied with your copy of Windows, or else by your Internet
   10 Service Provider. Unfortunately, the quality of WINSOCK.DLL
   11 implementations varies widely and some may cause problems when used
   12 with Pegasus Mail. This message covers common problems when using
   13 Pegasus Mail for Internet mail with WINSOCK.DLL.
   15 >> The options for WINSOCK-based Internet mail that are supposed to
   16 >> be in the Pegasus Mail "File" menu aren't there.
   18    Pegasus Mail cannot find your WINSOCK.DLL, or WSOCK32.DLL file
   19    if you are using the 32-bit version of the program. Make sure this
   20    DLL is on the path, in the \WINDOWS directory or in the
   21    \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory of your computer.
   23 >> When I send an Internet message, Pegasus Mail gives me a funny
   24 >> error message about the address being ambiguous and asks me to
   25 >> use an "IN: or MHS: override".
   27    Pegasus Mail cannot find your WINSOCK.DLL, or WSOCK32.DLL file
   28    if you are using the 32-bit version of the program. Make sure this
   29    DLL is on the path, in the \WINDOWS directory or in the
   30    \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory of your computer.
   32 >> I have to establish a connection manually before attempting to
   33 >> read my mail - Pegasus Mail won't do it automatically.
   34 >> 
   35 >> I have to hangup my connection manually after Pegasus Mail has
   36 >> downloaded my mail - it doesn't do it automatically.
   38    Dialling is controlled by WINSOCK.DLL, not by Pegasus Mail. Some
   39    implementations, particularly the Dial-up Networking provided with
   40    Windows 95, simply don't do this properly. If you don't get proper
   41    dialling from your WINSOCK.DLL, contact the vendor who supplied it
   42    to you and see if they have a more recent version that does.
   44    The 32-bit version of Pegasus Mail has a number of options for
   45    handling dialling - click the "Dialling" button on the "Network
   46    Configuration" page to access these.
   48    Note that because of bugs in Microsoft's code, the Windows 95
   49    WINSOCK.DLL will never autodial correctly if you use the 16-bit
   50    version of Pegasus Mail (or any other 16-bit WINSOCK application,
   51    for that matter). You must use the 32-bit version of Pegasus Mail
   52    before the Microsoft dialler will work correctly.
   54 >> When I try to send a message using Pegasus Mail I get a dialog
   55 >> from Windows complaining about a program error.
   57    Your WINSOCK.DLL probably does not properly support the high-
   58    performance features Pegasus Mail uses. You can tell Pegasus
   59    Mail to use lower-performance features of your WINSOCK.DLL by
   60    changing the WinPMail command line to "WINPMAIL -Z 1024". (The
   61    commandline is one of the properties of the Windows Icon you
   62    double-click to run the program). Note that this workaround will
   63    produce slower performance, and you should really contact the
   64    vendor who supplied your WINSOCK.DLL and ask for a version that
   65    corrects the problem.