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    1 IMPORTANT!!!
    2 The support address has changed.  The new address is
    3   support@lansoft.com
    4 please make a note of it!
    5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    6 This file contains late information not found in the MailWatch documentation.
    9 Files:
   11   MWATCH.EXE    Main program file.
   12   MWATCH.INI    Sample .INI file.
   13   MWATCH.DOC    Documentation in Microsoft Word 6.0 format.
   14   WMATCH.PCL    Documentation in PCL (Laserjet II) format.
   15   MWATCH.PS     Documentation in PostScript format.
   16   LIBRARY.TXT   Information about the new LANsoft LIBRARY.
   17   README.1ST    Yea, you know about this already.
   19 Version 2.6b
   21 This is simply a recompilation of 2.5 with newer API's and Libraries linked
   22 in to try to resolve a number of potential bugs and "possibly" support
   23 Novell's VLMs.  "Possibly" means that its supposed to but I don't have
   24 Netware 4.0 to test it.  Let me know ;-).