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_DIR: winpmail (11 Jun 2018, directory)
Pegasus Mail for Windows
_DIR: mercury32 (4 Sep 2015, directory)
Mercury Mail Transport System (MTS) for Win32 and Netware Systems
_DIR: manuals (30 Jan 2007, directory)
_DIR: language (24 Oct 2000, directory)
_DIR: mercurynlm (22 May 2000, directory)
Mercury Mail Transport System (MTS) for Novell NetWare (NLM)
_DIR: FAQs (12 Mar 1998, directory)
Frequently Asked Questions about Pegasus
_DIR: misc (26 Jan 1998, directory)
Pegasus Mail related software
_DIR: isp (26 Mar 1997, directory)
WinPMail ISP kit

Effective January 2007, development and distribution of Pegasus Mail and Mercury has ceased. But good news: It is resumed!

See also the "official" Pegasus Mail WWW pages.