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Fossies: List of processed file extensions of software archive members

If one of the following file extensions of an archive member is found the according media-type is sent in the "Content-type" header field. If there exists no file extension or no match is found then a "text/html" is sent with a short information text and the member embedded "preformatted" in <PRE>..</PRE> tags.
ext   media-type
===== ==========================
doc   application/msword
exe   application/octet-stream
bin   application/octet-stream
dll   application/octet-stream
class application/octet-stream
lha   application/octet-stream
lzh   application/octet-stream
oda   application/oda
pdf   application/pdf
ps    application/postscript
ppt   application/powerpoint
rtf   application/rtf

gif   image/gif
jpeg  image/jpeg
jpg   image/jpeg
tiff  image/tiff
tif   image/tiff
png   image/png
ras   image/x-cmu-raster
pnm   image/x-portable-anymap
pbm   image/x-portable-bitmap
pgm   image/x-portable-graymap
ppm   image/x-portable-pixmap
xpm   image/x-xpixmap

html  text/html
htm   text/html

mpeg  video/mpeg
mpg   video/mpeg
avi   video/x-msvideo

wrl   x-world/x-vrml
vrml  x-world/x-vrml

au    audio/basic
snd   audio/basic
wav   audio/x-wav
mpga  audio/mpeg
mp2   audio/mpeg

sd7   text/plain
s7i   text/plain
The following entries are currently not enabled:
latex application/x-latex
tex   application/x-tex
hdf   application/x-hdf
cdf   application/x-netcdf
nc    application/x-netcdf

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