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Some small "codespell" usage hints

1) Just an untested hint: An alternative solution may be to use the tool "codespell" locally and use e.g. the option
     ("write changes in place if possible")
together with the option
 --interactive 3
     ("ask for confirmation and ask user to choose one fix when more than one is available").
In such a case, the Fossies configuration may be usable as a helpful starting point for an appropriate list of words and files to be ignored (although some of the FPs that Fossies eliminated by post-filtering of the original codespell results must be so refused manually).

But anyway, do it very carefully!

Probably it's meaningful to use always the latest codespell dictionary.txt.

2) And another hint for GitHub users: After the correction of the existing errors - maybe with Fossies help - you may use the GitHub Actions feature to detect possible spelling errors and typos in newly added or changed source code or documentation. Some nice approaches and suggestions you may find in the codespell issue #1499 and the corresponding actions-codespell repository.

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