The "Fossies" Software Archive
... Fresh Open Source Software mainly for Internet, Engineering and Science ...

Some annotations about the "Fossies" Software Archive
(former names: "DLR Fresh" and later "SfR Fresh" Software Archive)

Some "newer" ones ...

"Thanks for awesome hosting!"
"Thanks, especially for the concept of the "diffs" service, thanks a lot."
"I totally use this page for my daily work. Thank you so much!"
"A huge THANK YOU for this incredibly invaluable site. It has saved me hours of digging and searching through code in Joomla."
"... believes your work on Fossies Dox deserves to be recognized.
To show our appreciation for this work, we would like ...
Again we thank you for your great work in the open source community, we appreciate all that you do."

"I found your Scapy API extremely useful, as it's the only real documentation on the library that I've found."
"Keep up the excellent work at"
"I just discovered your archive today, thanks for a very interesting and practical offering."

... and some "very old" ones

"I am very impressed. The perfect blend of ftp and http. The feature that really puts this archive over others is the ability to view individual compressed files. Your Linux archives seems to be the Hobbes of the Linux world."
"I would just like to say, that this is a spectacular way of doing FTP. It is a great effort, the only suggestion I would do is to extend the contents of the site. Congratulations !"
(German) "Gute Auswahl. Relevante Informationen. Vorbildlich gemacht. Danke. Weiter so!"
(German) "Einen besseren Linux-Server als den der DLR habe ich noch nicht gefunden. Prima übersichtlich und auch noch sehr aktuell! Glückwunsch hierzu."
"This is the most awesome Linux/source index I've ever seen. It makes sunsite look ancient and pyoony. Keep it up. Better yet.. get someone to mirror all your stuff in the USA. I wouldn't even object if you guys started putting ads in."
"Great package! I appreciate being able to browse inside archives."
"Super - well made and easy to get around without having huge piccies and adverts all over the place."
"I visit your Fresh site following the hot point of America Online. It's nice."
"Cool web site and very useful ... I support the idea and the effort."
"I'm impressed to see that you update your site often, and the format of your software pages is one of the best I've seen ... Thank you."
"I'm an old user of your site and I like it very much ..."
"I'd just like to thank you for maintaining your archive. I now rely on it to get the latest updates for a lot of the PD software we use. You make my job a lot easier :-)"
"I like the outfit of this pages and the stuff you have on this Server. What is the name of the software which generate his nice pages ?"
(German) "Grossartig. Nochmal Danke."
"Fantastic job. Keep it running !"
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