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Fossies RSS New Feed Types   

Since November 2017 the Fossies RSS Feeds offers now additionally two slightly modified RSS feed types that only changed the <title> element in the feed items in order to be better usable (parseable) for some applications.

The basic feed names remain identical but the feed name extension are instead of the standard one "rss" for the new ones "v.rss" respectively "vv.rss".

The added "v." in the feed name may stand for something like "version" and the "vv." for something like "version verbose".

The now available three feed types have the following varying <title> content formats (the parsing relevant spaces are marked by a nearly invisible ""):

RSS Feed <title> ContentExtension

In "reality" that may look like in the following example:

RSS Feed <title> ContentExtension
 foobar-2.16.tar.gz - 2017-10-28 09:34 (5.7 MB)rss 
 foobar 2.16v.rss 
 foobar 2.16 (foobar-2.16.tar.gz - 2017-10-28 09:34 - 5.7 MB)vv.rss 

If the project version string (proj_version) isn't existent or not determinable it's represented as "N/A".

So for example instead of accessing the standard feed fresh.rss you can now access alternatively the new feeds fresh.v.rss or fresh.vv.rss.

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