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Fossies RSS Feeds    [Valid RSS]

To be always informed about the newest software packages inserted to Fossies you may subscribe to one of the Fossies RSS feeds below.

The Fossies RSS feeds show mainly the name of the new package, the package last modification date and the package size as a link to the according Fossies "Contents, Member Browsing & Download" page. Additionally a short description of the package functionality with a link to the package homepage is given.

RSS FeedMin. no. of entries Linux (folders)  Windows (folders) 

The recommended global RSS feed regarding all packages on Fossies is fresh.rss with Windows packages marked by a small icon (Windows logo). Alternatively Linux-only users may prefer fresh.linux.rss and Windows-only users

By clicking on a RSS feed link above you can view the current contents of that feed.

To subscribe the feed follow the instructions of your browser or RSS feed reader.

Mainly for some special applications Fossies offers also the following "scope restricted" feeds:

RSS FeedMin. no. of entries Linux (folders)  Windows (folders) 

Recently two slightly modified feed types were added ("v" and "vv") that changed only the <title> element in the feed items to be more usable for some applications.

A hint: Firefox's built-in support for web feeds was removed with the release of Firefox version 64 in December 2018. Add-ons that try to replace the feed reader functionality you may find here. Some add-ons like for e.g. rsspreview offer also the feed preview feature.

Latest general Fossies RSS feeds update today 2023-06-07 at 08:45.

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