The "Fossies" Software Archive

... Fresh Open Source Software mainly for Internet, Engineering and Science ...

Fossies "Pkgs": Package downloads, package member browsing & more ...

Fast package downloads directly from the "Fossies" server itself and especially the possibility to browse interesting package members without the necessity of a preceding complete package download belong to "Fossies" core business since now more than twenty (!) years.

Additionally "Fossies" is a kind of a filter that selects for its users the most useful, most interesting and freshest Free Open Source Software (FOSS) packages with the main focus - as the server name already implies - on applications for Internet, Engineering and Science (IES). But naturally many general classic "must have" packages are also offered.

Besides the main Linux/Windows folder specific lists (see the "Fossies" home page) there exist a summarizing alphabetically ordered

and a much smaller insertion-time ordered offered by the "Fossies" archive.

Important new "Fossies" features are especially the Doxygen generated source code documentation and the source code differences reports that both are also directly accessible (if available) via the individual software package pages.

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