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    1 /*
    2  *   rcksum/lib - library for using the rsync algorithm to determine
    3  *               which parts of a file you have and which you need.
    4  *   Copyright (C) 2004,2005,2009 Colin Phipps <cph@moria.org.uk>
    5  *
    6  *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
    7  *   it under the terms of the Artistic License v2 (see the accompanying 
    8  *   file COPYING for the full license terms), or, at your option, any later 
    9  *   version of the same license.
   10  *
   11  *   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
   12  *   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
   14  *   COPYING file for details.
   15  */
   17 /* This is the library interface. Very changeable at this stage. */
   19 #include <stdio.h>
   21 struct rcksum_state;
   23 typedef int zs_blockid;
   25 struct rsum {
   26     unsigned short  a;
   27     unsigned short  b;
   28 } __attribute__((packed));
   30 #define CHECKSUM_SIZE 16
   32 struct rcksum_state* rcksum_init(zs_blockid nblocks, size_t blocksize, int rsum_butes, int checksum_bytes, int require_consecutive_matches);
   33 void rcksum_end(struct rcksum_state* z);
   35 /* These transfer out the filename and handle of the file backing the data retrieved.
   36  * Once you have transferred out the file handle, you can no longer read and write data through librcksum - it has handed it over to you, and can use it no more itself.
   37  * If you transfer out the filename, you are responsible for renaming it to something useful. If you don't transfer out the filename, librcksum will unlink it at rcksum_end.
   38  */
   39 char* rcksum_filename(struct rcksum_state* z);
   40 int rcksum_filehandle(struct rcksum_state* z);
   42 void rcksum_add_target_block(struct rcksum_state* z, zs_blockid b, struct rsum r, void* checksum);
   44 int rcksum_submit_blocks(struct rcksum_state* z, const unsigned char* data, zs_blockid bfrom, zs_blockid bto);
   45 int rcksum_submit_source_data(struct rcksum_state* z, unsigned char* data, size_t len, off_t offset);
   46 int rcksum_submit_source_file(struct rcksum_state* z, FILE* f, int progress);
   48 /* This reads back in data which is already known. */
   49 int rcksum_read_known_data(struct rcksum_state* z, unsigned char* buf, off_t offset, size_t len);
   51 /* rcksum_needed_block_ranges tells you what blocks, within the given range,
   52  * are still unknown. It returns a list of block ranges in r[]
   53  * (at most max ranges, so spece for 2*max elements must be there)
   54  * these are half-open ranges, so r[0] <= x < r[1], r[2] <= x < r[3] etc are needed */
   55 zs_blockid* rcksum_needed_block_ranges(const struct rcksum_state* z, int* num, zs_blockid from, zs_blockid to);
   56 int rcksum_blocks_todo(const struct rcksum_state*);
   58 /* For preparing rcksum control files - in both cases len is the block size. */
   59 struct rsum __attribute__((pure)) rcksum_calc_rsum_block(const unsigned char* data, size_t len);
   60 void rcksum_calc_checksum(unsigned char *c, const unsigned char* data, size_t len);