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    2 Wiki-Format: zim 0.4
    3 Creation-Date: Sat, 08 Nov 2008 11:04:28 +0100
    5 ====== Checkboxes ======
    7 Zim supports lists with checkboxes instead of bullets. These look like:
    9 [*] item 1
   10 [ ] item 2
   11 	[*] item 2a
   12 	[x] item 2b
   13 [*] item3
   14 [>] item4
   16 As you can see in this example checkboxes can have 4 states: [ ] open, [*] checked as completed, [x] checked as not completed, and [>] checked as moved. States can be toggle by clicking the checkbox with either the left mouse button or using the keyboard with ''<F12>'' and ''<shift><F12>'' respectively.
   18 To start a checkbox list type on an empty line '''[]<space>''' or '''()<space>''', this will automatically insert an open checkbox. Similarly you can type checked checkboxes using '''[*]''' or '''(*)''' and '''[x]''' or '''(x)''' respectively, followed by '''<space>''' or '''<tab>'''. Lines that start with a checkbox behave like bullet list items, so you can indent by typing ''<tab>'' after the checkbox and when you press ''<enter>'' the new line will start with an empty checkbox automatically.
   20 There is an option in the [[Preferences]]  to have checkbox lists behave recursively. This means that the state of items with a sublist reflects the state of all child items. Checking the parent will check all child items, and checking the last child item will check the parent item automatically.
   22 The [[:Plugins:Task List|Task List plugin]] regards checkboxes as TODO items and can give an overview of all open checkboxes in a notebook.