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    1 * Changes between versions   -*- mode:indented-text; mode:outline-minor -*-
    3 This file (NEWS) documents the significant changes between all
    4 versions of xzgv, with the newest changes first.
    7 * Changes in xzgv 0.9.x
    9 ** Other changes
   11 xzgv now uses GTK 2, with gdk-pixbuf as the image rendering back-end.
   12 imlib1 is no longer supported. Gamma, brightness and contrast control
   13 are no longer supported.
   15 ** New features
   17 Add “zoom panorama”, which stretches to fit the most proportional
   18 dimension.
   21 * Changes in xzgv 0.8
   23 ** New features
   25 Added support for the Exif orientation tag (Exif in this context is a
   26 form of JPEG). If you enable the "Use Exif Orientation" option in the
   27 viewer (or `exif-orient' config/option), it'll compensate for the
   28 (e.g.) digital camera's orientation when viewing, so pictures taken
   29 with the camera side-on will display the way you would probably want
   30 them to. However, since this differs from how most *other* programs
   31 will see the files - which are, after all, carefully constructed to be
   32 compatible with JFIF/JPEG files - and has the potential to be
   33 extremely confusing if you don't know exactly what's going on, it's
   34 not enabled by default. Thanks to Fraser Wright for suggesting this
   35 feature.
   38 ** Bugfixes
   40 Broken GIFs could overrun a buffer previously - fixed.
   42 Added call to gtk_set_locale() which should hopefully avoid problems
   43 when GTK+'s default font is set to something which isn't
   44 ASCII-friendly. Thanks to Alexander Pohoyda for this one.
   46 Fixed JPEG segfault bug on files which were corrupted after the image
   47 itself. Thanks to Aaron Brick for spotting this one.
   49 Fixed long-standing bug with interpolation, which could have resulted
   50 in segfaults (though it's hard to say if it ever actually did).
   52 Stopped selector getting permanently hidden if two middle-button
   53 presses were too close together. Thanks to José Luis González González
   54 for spotting this.
   56 No longer sets background colour to black for mono PNG files, where
   57 this may cause problems. This change was ported from zgv; thanks to
   58 Morten Bo Johansen for spotting it there.
   61 ** Other changes
   63 Added 9/0 keys as yet another way of doing file untag/tag. These are
   64 last-ditch alternatives for keyboards where -/= don't make sense (some
   65 non-US/UK keyboards), and where keypad -/+ aren't easily accessible
   66 (e.g. laptops). Thanks to Balázs Szabó for inspiring this one.
   69 * Changes in xzgv 0.7
   71 ** New features
   73 Now adapts rendering method for big images. When the number of pixels
   74 in the image exceeds the value set by image-bigness-threshold (as set
   75 in config file or on command-line, defaulting to 2 million pixels),
   76 it's drawn piece-by-piece on demand rather than all-at-once. The
   77 all-at-once behaviour is worth keeping around for smaller images, as
   78 it gives much nicer scrolling - but for big images it's just
   79 impractical, hence this feature.
   81 Added a builtin TIFF reader (libtiff-based); TIFFs should be read more
   82 quickly now.
   84 Also uses builtin JPEG reader (libjpeg-based) for all JPEG reading now
   85 (not just thumbnails), which is a tiny bit faster. A new command-line
   86 and config file option `careful-jpeg' lets you enable `fancy
   87 upsampling', the disabling of which is why Imlib's reader was
   88 previously faster. (I wouldn't have chosen this as the default if I'd
   89 known, but enabling it means a 10% slowdown. :-/)
   91 Added support for PRF (ported from zgv), which is basically a kind of
   92 extrapolated version of my old mrf format - unlike mrf, PRF supports
   93 greyscale and colour. Thanks to Brian Raiter for both devising the
   94 format, and writing the reference implementation readprf.c is heavily
   95 based on.
   97 Recursive thumbnail update no longer reads all thumbnails before doing
   98 updates - it now only bothers to read visible thumbnails. This makes
   99 the `fast-recursive-update' option rather less useful, as it's nearly
  100 that fast already. :-)
  102 Added choice of timestamps to use when sorting in time/date order -
  103 you can now choose between mtime (default), ctime, and atime. You can
  104 switch with alt-shift-m/c/a, or from the selector menu's
  105 Directory/Time & Date Type submenu, or with `sort-timestamp-type'
  106 option (on command-line or in config file). Thanks for Wolfram Kleff
  107 for suggesting this.
  109 You can now move to the next/previous tagged file with `/' and `?'
  110 respectively (or equivalent menu options). When used in the viewer,
  111 this also views the file.
  113 Toggling all tags is now possible, with Alt-o or Tagging/Toggle All.
  115 Added `delete-single-prompt' option (on command-line and in config
  116 file) so you can disable the confirmation prompt when deleting a file,
  117 rather like zgv's `nodelprompt'. Thanks to Martin Bialasinski for
  118 suggesting this.
  120 Added help menus. Currently just runs info on the relevant node -
  121 pretty crude, but better than nothing. :-)
  123 Keyboard navigation additions - you can now use shifted cursor keys as
  124 an alternative means of paging up/down/left/right in the viewer, and
  125 ^u/^v/^a/^e are supported as alternatives to Page Up/Page Down and
  126 Home/End in both the selector and the viewer.
  128 Any `Menu' key you might have can now be used to show the
  129 selector/viewer menus, just as right-clicking or pressing F10 does.
  132 ** Bugfixes
  134 A fix for certain unusual GIFs (with an abnormally large code size -
  135 larger than even non-LZW GIFs need), which previously caused xzgv to
  136 segfault. Thanks to Lenart Janos (in particular), Josip Rodin, Chris
  137 Lawrence, and Andy Mortimer for all helping with this in one way or
  138 another.
  140 Changed make install's `install -m' invocations to do plain install
  141 and change permissions after (with chmod). Thanks to Steven Bankowitz
  142 for reminding me of `-m' being a problem on things like Solaris.
  144 Replaced make install's ifeq/ifneq with shell equivalent, which turns
  145 out to be sufficient (if uglier). This should avoid the need to use
  146 GNU make. Thanks to Frank Pohl for spotting this problem.
  148 Previously, the GIF/PNG/mrf file readers failed to notice the problem
  149 images larger than 32767 in either dimension would cause (by being
  150 bigger than an X window can handle), leading to a segfault - they now
  151 give an error.
  153 Fixed bug where (while thumbnails were being loaded) doing things like
  154 holding down space to storm through N images got it very confused
  155 indeed.
  157 Concerted attempt to nail all the remaining recursion problems
  158 (essentially, it could previously get confused if you told it to do
  159 certain things twice, and it saw the second request while dealing with
  160 the first). Not perfect though, as the protections are
  161 independent (do a mirror and flip at about the same time, and it'll
  162 mess up), so this needs a better fix eventually.
  164 Previously, when you scaled down as far as it would go, it would never
  165 let you scale down again in the same way, due to breaking an
  166 anti-recursion measure. Fixed that.
  168 `-lz' was missing from src/Makefile. I usually got away with this, but
  169 it did break in some cases (perhaps with Imlib 1.9.10?). Thanks to
  170 Gabor Z. Papp for pointing this out.
  172 The alternative up/down movement keys in the selector (j and k) should
  173 now work the same way cursor up/down do.
  175 Focus is now returned to selector when changing dir, making the
  176 past-position action clearer when using the mouse (i.e. if you go down
  177 into a dir and then back up, the keyboard cursor will show which dir
  178 you just left). Previously, if you'd viewed an image before changing
  179 dir with the mouse, focus would have remained on the image.
  181 Now does cursor past-position save/restore `around' recursive update.
  183 As must be traditional by now, I found a bug almost immediately after
  184 the (0.6) release. :-) Previously you could still toggle thin-rows
  185 while running in the `xzgv file(s)' way, which was silly and made
  186 things look strange (but was otherwise harmless).
  188 Fixed redraw-related position problem. (In 0.6, try going to the end
  189 of the selector's list, pressing `v', then pressing `v' again - the
  190 row positioning is slightly wrong.)
  193 ** Other changes
  195 Rendering (and fallback file-reading) is now indirected through the
  196 new backend.c, which should now be the only part of xzgv dependent on
  197 Imlib 1.x (well, apart from src/Makefile). This should make it easier
  198 to switch backends, or to support multiple backends. I've also added
  199 most of a gdk-pixbuf backend, but I've not been too impressed with the
  200 performance, and there are some inconvenient omissions which explain
  201 the current, uh, `partialness'. :-)
  203 Now makes sure a page of thumbnails is visible even when doing
  204 non-recursive update - previously doing such an update before all
  205 thumbnails had been read in would show blank spots during the update
  206 (unlike the now-usual xzgv behaviour of loading onscreen thumbnails
  207 asap). This only seems to slow it down fractionally (by about 0.5% in
  208 a large dir full of small files in thin-rows mode), so I think it's
  209 worth it to get the consistency.
  211 Various changes to the selector and viewer menus, in an attempt to
  212 tidy things up a bit.
  214 `make install' permissions are now Debian-ish, i.e. explicitly marked
  215 as writeable by root (rather than implicitly so ;-)), and all
  216 world-readable.
  218 No longer includes the version number in the window title.
  221 * Changes in xzgv 0.6
  223 ** New features
  225 Added gamma support, but as with brightness/contrast this is only
  226 available from the keyboard for now. (This works just like it does in
  227 zgv, though I added it to xzgv first.) The basic idea is to ignore the
  228 rather unworkable image/screen gamma distinction, and just use a
  229 relative gamma with fast shortcuts for common cases. So pressing `1'
  230 gives a gamma adjustment of 1.0 (i.e. no adjustment), `2' gives 2.2
  231 (for e.g. viewing linear-gamma files on an average PC monitor), `3'
  232 gives 1/2.2 (~0.45, for e.g. viewing 2.2-gamma files on a linear-gamma
  233 display), and `4' reverts to any `--gamma' setting (or 1.0 if none was
  234 set). You can also use alt-comma and alt-dot for more precise control
  235 of gamma adjustment. Note that gamma is deliberately *not* reset by
  236 the brightness/contrast resetting keys.
  238 You can now change the sorting order from the command-line with
  239 `-o'/`--sort-order' (and from a config file similarly).
  242 ** Bugfixes
  244 Added my own PNG reader (well, libpng interface :-)), ported from zgv.
  245 This avoids a couple of Imlib problems - notably, greyscale PNGs are
  246 now read correctly.
  248 If you omitted the arg to an option in a config file, it would
  249 segfault. Fixed that, and applied brown paper bag as appropriate. :-)
  250 It would also previously get stuck in an infinite loop if given a
  251 bogus geometry arg, and it assumed $HOME was set - both fixed.
  253 GIF reader was previously broken for interlaced GIFs with less than 4
  254 lines; this broke the heap, leading to difficult-to-pin-down
  255 segfaults. No longer. :-)
  257 Various portability fixes - thanks to Steven Bankowitz, Juergen Salk,
  258 and Norio Suzuki for letting me know how 0.5 did on various non-Linux
  259 systems. I hope xzgv will now compile and run ok on *BSD, Solaris, and
  260 HP-UX, though there are probably still issues with installation in
  261 some cases.
  263 Before, when you used decoupled scaling and then rotated a picture, it
  264 messed up when resetting things for the next picture. Fixed that.
  266 Now copes with copy/move when started as `xzgv file(s)'. It's not
  267 perfect, in that the selector isn't updated (so after a move things
  268 can be confusing), but at least it's usable.
  270 When rescanning the directory (in the control-r sense :-)), the
  271 keyboard cursor now tries to stay at the same place in dir list, for
  272 consistency with zgv and because it's just nicer. Thanks to Philippe
  273 Marzouk for spotting this one.
  275 The file details dialog now works fully even when started with `xzgv
  276 file(s)' (previously the details from any thumbnail were missing).
  279 ** Other changes
  281 Made icon a bit less indistinct. :-)
  284 * Changes in xzgv 0.5
  286 ** New features
  288 Massively reduced *apparent* thumbnail load time, by making it jump
  289 around to whichever part of the directory you're currently looking at.
  290 (It does eventually fill in any gaps, even if you maliciously keep
  291 moving around in an attempt to put it off. Not that I had fun testing
  292 this, or anything. :-)) It's debatable whether this counts as a new
  293 feature or not, but what the heck...
  295 Clicking on the viewer now moves to the next image. Dragging the
  296 picture around still works - any mouse movement at all during the
  297 click, and the picture gets dragged instead. (If you want/need to
  298 disable this for some reason, you can do so with `click-for-next off'
  299 in ~/.xzgvrc.) Thanks to Paul E. Johnson for this idea.
  301 Decoupled (axis-specific) scaling, which lets you scale both axes of
  302 the picture independently. Thanks to Steven Flintham for suggesting
  303 this. The way this works is analogous to how the `normal' scaling
  304 works, but hard to explain briefly - you'll have to check the
  305 `Scaling' section of the info file or man page.
  308 ** Bugfixes
  310 Fixed a significant memory leak, though you probably wouldn't have
  311 noticed it unless you did a recursive thumbnail update on a fairly
  312 well-populated hierarchy. I have a feeling this fix *may* break older
  313 GTK+ versions; if changing directory segfaults, you need to upgrade.
  314 :-) It's known to work on at least GTK+ >=1.2.6.
  316 Fixed the MMX stuff, which is now enabled by default again.
  318 Previously, if you had auto-hide and zoom turned on, then turned off
  319 auto-hide, the picture wasn't rezoomed when the selector was shown -
  320 fixed that.
  322 Fixed recursion problems in scaling. Thanks to Steven Flintham (again)
  323 for reminding me about this.
  325 Added preliminary check when reading files from command-line, to get
  326 rid of (at least in most cases) the window-open-then-close ugliness
  327 you used to get before a `no files' error message.
  329 Previously, jumping from a large dir to a large dir (or even to a
  330 small dir, sometimes) could result in the redrawing of the main window
  331 being noticeably delayed after the dir-change window being destroyed -
  332 fixed that (mostly).
  335 ** Other changes
  337 Added short option `-r' for zoom-reduce-only. It's a useful enough
  338 option that it's worth having a shortcut. :-)
  340 It's now slightly easier to install the info file/man page in an
  341 FHS-friendly PREFIX/share (e.g. /usr/share/man/man1). However, the
  342 traditional locations are still the default, as I suspect e.g.
  343 /usr/local/share/man/man1 is much less widely accepted than
  344 /usr/local/man/man1. If you're installing in /usr, though,
  345 uncommenting the SHARE_INFIX line may be a good idea.
  347 Selector rows have been made 2 pixels taller, to allow room for the
  348 outline cursor to go either side of the thumbnail rather than
  349 potentially XORing over it. In addition to being a little more
  350 aesthetically pleasing :-), this works around what seems to be a GTK+
  351 bug (as of 1.2.7 at least), where scrolling with the cursor keys can
  352 leave part of the XOR'd cursor outline stuck on the thumbnail (I
  353 suspect the pixmap is being drawn at the wrong time).
  356 * Changes in xzgv 0.4
  358 ** New features
  360 Added brightness/contrast, which works in just the same way as in zgv.
  361 No mouse equivalent yet though, as I'm having some difficulty thinking
  362 of a reasonable way to do it. (I may even end up (ab)using a modal
  363 dialog for it, which would be *odd* but may be the least unreasonable
  364 approach given the way xzgv works in general.) I'd ended up putting it
  365 off for a while to ponder this, but in the end decided to get it done
  366 and add the mousey version later.
  368 Added file rename. The key it's on is heavily suboptimal (^n), but all
  369 the good ones were taken. :-) Menu-wise it's ok though.
  371 You can now use j/k for down/up in the selector, as vi-like
  372 alternatives to the cursor keys.
  375 ** Bugfixes
  377 Fixed the problem with toggling zoom off and on quickly, where
  378 scrollbars were disabled but an unzoomed image was shown instead of a
  379 zoomed one.
  381 Now avoids the nasty `shear' effect you got when updating thumbnails
  382 and it needed to scroll the window before updating a thumbnail.
  385 ** Other changes
  387 I've (temporarily, I hope) disabled the MMX stuff by default; some
  388 people were having trouble compiling with that enabled. You can still
  389 enable it by editing config.mk.
  391 Renamed `Exit viewer' menu item to `Exit to Selector', which should
  392 make the meaning less ambiguous.
  394 15/16-bit dithering can now be toggled with shift-f, by analogy with
  395 zgv's `fakecols' toggle.
  398 * Changes in xzgv 0.3
  400 ** New features
  402 Added file copy/move. These work like zgv - copy/move tagged files if
  403 any tagged, otherwise copy/move the file the cursor is on. (Being
  404 zgv-like also means they stop if they run across an existing file,
  405 which can be a little annoying but is probably safest.)
  407 Scaling can now scale the image *down* as well as up. That is, you can
  408 make the image smaller more controllably than you can by using zoom
  409 mode. I thought I'd add this as, given the way Imlib works, it comes
  410 very cheaply indeed. However, it tends to only be useful (i.e. be any
  411 advantage over zoom mode) on big images, where you might want to scale
  412 down a bit rather than a lot. One thing I should point out - if you've
  413 got used to doing e.g. shift-d lots to get back to 1:1, you'll just
  414 have to learn about the `n' (= Scaling/Normal) key... :-)
  416 You can now set the selector's initial/default width with
  417 `--selector-width' (or config file setting).
  419 You can now use `-k' or `--skip-parent' (or config file entry) to skip
  420 the (keyboard) cursor past `..' on the directory xzgv starts on. This
  421 can be useful when you want to immediately use space to `page' through
  422 a dir. Thanks to Steven Flintham for this idea.
  424 New `invert-logo' config file option, flips the colours in the logo to
  425 look less awful on dark GTK+ themes. :-)
  428 ** Bugfixes
  430 The idle_zoom_resize() idle func is now default priority rather than
  431 resize priority. This fixes a problem where zoom mode resizes were one
  432 resize behind (!) - thanks to Steven Flintham for pointing this out.
  434 Various things which implicitly turned off zoom mode (basically
  435 scaling and `normal') didn't reenable scrollbars afterwards; fixed
  436 that.
  438 Added getopt.[ch] and getopt1.c from glibc, so things should hopefully
  439 still work on a libc which lacks getopt_long().
  441 Fixed a couple of spurious blank lines in man page.
  444 ** Other changes
  446 Added MMX-aware version of scaling with interpolation code (using a
  447 bundled copy of Hank Dietz/Randy Fisher's libmmx). According to my
  448 tests, it's `only' about 35% faster, but it feels like more. :-)
  449 (Don't worry, it's easily disabled at compile time, it's clueful about
  450 when it uses it even when it's enabled, etc. - I haven't broken
  451 anything.)
  453 Removed mention of the forfree.at email address, which seems to be
  454 b0rken :-(, and replaced with my actual current address.
  456 Created an `AUTHORS' file (which just points at the main docs, I'm
  457 sure a duplicate copy would get out of date :-)).
  460 * Changes in xzgv 0.2
  462 ** New features
  464 Generation of thumbnails is *much* faster. This is partly due to
  465 inclusion of the JPEG speedup code contributed to zgv (way back when)
  466 by Costa Sapuntzakis, and partly due to a generic adaptation of that
  467 approach I've added which is now used for all other files. xzgv should
  468 now generate thumbnails at a similar speed to xv overall - it's a bit
  469 faster on JPEGs, but a bit slower on other files.
  471 Added recursive thumbnail update. One problem with this is that it
  472 reads all existing thumbnails in a dir before updating (like xv, IIRC)
  473 to try and avoid having a really ugly selector during the update :-),
  474 though you can disable this with `--fast-recursive-update' or an
  475 equivalent config file line.
  477 Added `-g'/`--geometry' option (and config file setting), which lets
  478 you set the xzgv window's geometry in the usual X fashion. As an
  479 extension, all positions/sizes can be given as percentages of the
  480 screen size, e.g. `92%x85%'.
  482 Now has tagging - `-' untags, `=' tags, and with Alt (Meta) they
  483 untag/tag all. As for the mouse, ctrl-click tags/untags, and there's
  484 now a File menu which has items for tag/untag, and tag/untag all. From
  485 the viewer, you can tag (though not untag) with ctrl-space, which tags
  486 the current file then moves to the next image. One problem with
  487 tagging is that, at the moment, only the new `-T' (or `--show-tagged')
  488 option takes any notice of whether a file is tagged or not. :-) Copy,
  489 move, and (multi-file) delete should be added `soon', possibly with
  490 slideshows after that.
  492 `File details' popup (on `:', `;', and Selector menu, File, Details)
  493 shows size, date/time, etc. of the file under the keyboard cursor, or
  494 the file right-clicked on when the selector's menu was popped up.
  495 (This is also how the tag/untag menu items work, though in that case
  496 using ctrl-click is obviously more convenient.)
  498 Added file delete with confirmation (on ctrl-d and Selector menu,
  499 File, Delete). The way the file to delete is selected is the same as
  500 for `file details'.
  502 There's now a reduce-only option for zoom mode, meaning you can have
  503 xzgv fit big pictures to the window without having tiny icons etc.
  504 balloon up and look horrible. It's not the default, but you can enable
  505 it with Alt-r or the viewer options menu's "When Zooming Reduce Only"
  506 toggle or `--zoom-reduce-only' or equivalent config file setting.
  507 Thanks to Steven Flintham and Robert Braddock for this idea.
  509 Middle-clicking on the viewer now toggles the selector rather than
  510 always acting like Exit viewer. Thanks to Steven Flintham for
  511 suggesting this.
  513 `go to dir' dialog. (Only text-entry for now (!), but I'll probably
  514 extend it at some point.) On shift-g, and Directory/Change.
  516 You can now `close' a file (clear the viewer). On ctrl-w, and
  517 File/Close.
  519 Added a way to rescan a directory (ctrl-r, Directory/Rescan).
  521 You can now set whether to use 15/16-bit dithering or not independent
  522 of Imlib's default setting. The option is Options/Dither in 15 &
  523 16-bit on the viewer menu, and can also be set by --dither-hicol or
  524 equivalent config file setting.
  527 ** Bugfixes
  529 It previously segfaulted on files less than 4 bytes long due to a
  530 typo. Um, whoops... :-}
  532 Previously it would hang on some corrupt GIFs. The fix for this
  533 reflects the one in zgv 5.0, and thanks go to Andy Mortimer for the
  534 fix (to zgv, but it (currently) applies to xzgv too).
  536 Fixed problem where xzgv's moving the focused row `by hand' sometimes
  537 messed up the display. And similarly, when the selector lost focus due
  538 to selecting a picture, it previously didn't undraw the focused row.
  540 It now copes with being started in an unreadable dir, and avoids
  541 selecting files/dirs it doesn't have sufficient permissions for.
  543 Pixmaps for dirs and thumbnailless pics are now shaped, rather than
  544 having an ugly white background.
  546 Fixed bug where, if you enabled zoom on a picture of nearly the same
  547 shape as the viewer window, it left the scrollbars on.
  549 Esc now exits an error dialog (making it consistent with the other ones).
  551 It no longer keeps saying "Reading file..." on the statusbar if a file
  552 couldn't be read.
  555 ** Other changes
  557 Thumbnail updates now make sure any row a thumbnail is being updated
  558 for is visible, making the update look more like it does in zgv - as
  559 well as making it rather more clear what's going on. :-)
  561 Bothered giving it a half-decent logo. :-) Also has a similar icon.
  563 Replaced the directory/file-without-thumbnail icons with nicer ones.
  564 They're loosely based on gmc's `dir-close.xpm', which I think Tuomas
  565 Kuosmanen was responsible for (judging from the change log). Thanks
  566 also to Steven Flintham for pointing out that the old icons were
  567 pretty crap. :-)
  569 Changed Sort Order menu items to be `Sort by Name' etc. under new
  570 `Directory' menu to accomodate `Change' and `Rescan'.
  572 Error dialogs look a bit better.
  574 Install targets now use `mkinstalldirs' (from texinfo) to make paths
  575 to installation dirs first. It seems the FHS guarantees little if
  576 anything about /usr/local, so this is basically required rather than
  577 merely being a good idea.
  580 * Changes in xzgv 0.1
  582 ** New features
  584 Everything. :-)