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    1 Changes from 2007-08-01 onwards: see SourceForge git repository.
    3 2005-12-21  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
    5 	* src/main.c (do_logo_invert): fixed previous "*ptr++=255-*ptr",
    6 	which was obviously not too clever.
    8 2005-12-18  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
   10 	* src/help.c (help_about): updated URL.
   12 	* src/logoconv.c: another missing string.h.
   14 	* src/resizepic.c: didn't include string.h previously, and should
   15 	have.
   17 2005-09-21  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
   19 	* src/readjpeg.c (read_jpeg_file): now supports YCCK/CMYK
   20 	colourspaces, as can be written by e.g. Photoshop. Thanks to
   21 	Michael Woerdehoff for pointing out the problem.
   23 2004-12-15  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
   25 	* src/readpng.c (read_png_file): bizarrely, I missed the
   26 	width/height limit on PNG before. :-( Added it now, thanks to
   27 	Ludwig Nussel for pointing this out.
   29 2004-11-03  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
   31 	* Added width/height limits to all native picture readers. This is
   32 	a crude (albeit effective) fix for heap overflow bugs - there may
   33 	yet be more subtle problems, but I can't really fix them until I
   34 	know they're there. :-) Thanks to Luke Macken for letting me know
   35 	about the heap overflow problems (in zgv). I suppose I should also
   36 	thank "infamous41md" for publishing the original advisory/exploit
   37 	(again for zgv), even if he didn't bother emailing me or anything.
   39 2003-09-16  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
   41 	* Version 0.8.
   43 	* src/help.c (help_about): now says what the program does. Which
   44 	is probably rather obvious, but what the heck. :-)
   46 	* src/main.c (viewer_expose): fixed long-standing bug with
   47 	interpolation, which could have resulted in segfaults (though it's
   48 	hard to say if it ever actually did).
   50 	* src/rcfile.c (usage_help): removed embedded LFs.
   52 	* src/readjpeg.c (get_exif_orientation): added support for the
   53 	Exif orientation tag (Exif in this context is a form of JPEG). If
   54 	you enable the "Use Exif Orientation" option in the viewer (or
   55 	`exif-orient' config/option), it'll compensate for the (e.g.)
   56 	digital camera's orientation when viewing, so pictures taken with
   57 	the camera side-on will display the way you would probably want
   58 	them to. However, since this differs from how most *other*
   59 	programs will see the files - which are, after all, carefully
   60 	constructed to be compatible with JFIF/JPEG files - and has the
   61 	potential to be extremely confusing if you don't know exactly
   62 	what's going on, it's not enabled by default. Thanks to Fraser
   63 	Wright for suggesting this feature.
   65 2003-07-10  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
   67 	* src/readpng.c (read_png_file): don't set background colour to
   68 	black for mono PNG files, where this may cause problems. This
   69 	change was ported from zgv; thanks to Morten Bo Johansen for
   70 	spotting it there.
   72 2003-04-05  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
   74 	* doc/makeman.awk: fixed some bugs which became apparent when run
   75 	with gawk 3.1.
   77 2003-02-01  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
   79 	* INSTALL: added report of MacOS X compile, from
   80 	krisa@subtend.net.
   82 2002-08-22  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
   84 	* src/main.c (selector_key_press): added 9/0 as yet another way of
   85 	doing file untag/tag. These are last-ditch alternatives for
   86 	keyboards where -/= don't make sense (some non-US/UK keyboards),
   87 	and where keypad -/+ aren't easily accessible (e.g. laptops).
   88 	Thanks to Szabó, Balázs for inspiring this one.
   90 2002-07-25  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
   92 	* src/main.c (main): added call to gtk_set_locale() which should
   93 	hopefully avoid problems when GTK+'s default font is set to
   94 	something which isn't ASCII-friendly. Thanks to Alexander Pohoyda
   95 	for this one.
   97 2002-07-09  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
   99 	* src/main.c (cb_hide_selector): stopped selector getting
  100 	permanently hidden if two middle-button presses were too close
  101 	together. Thanks to José Luis González González for spotting this.
  103 2002-03-03  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  105 	* src/readgif.c (outputstring): broken GIFs could overrun a buffer
  106 	previously - fixed.
  108 2002-01-16  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  110 	* INSTALL: added IRIX success report. Thanks to Andreas Backhaus.
  112 2002-01-01  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  114 	* src/readjpeg.c (read_jpeg_file): fixed post-image corruption
  115 	bug, so it shouldn't segfault now. (!) Now it should ignore any
  116 	errors which come after we've got an image (based on the idea that
  117 	since we do *have* an image, we should display it). Thanks to
  118 	Aaron Brick for spotting this one.
  120 2001-10-24  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  122 	* INSTALL: added Solaris success report. Thanks to Sven Goldt for
  123 	that. [And to Steven Bankowitz, who also reported success.]
  125 2001-09-20  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  127 	* src/rcfile.c (usage_help): fixed typo.
  129 2001-04-10  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  131 	* Version 0.7.
  133 	* src/Makefile: whoops, `-lz' was missing. I usually got away
  134 	with this, but it did break in some cases (perhaps with Imlib
  135 	1.9.10?). Thanks to Gabor Z. Papp for pointing this out
  136 	(albeit, again, somewhat indirectly :-)).
  138 	* src/mkopts.awk: there isn't any reason I can't just use stdout
  139 	for error messages, so do that.
  141 	* src/updatetn.c (cb_update_tn): this'll be fun to explain. :-)
  142 	Ok... the non-recursive thumbnail update stops thumbnail reading
  143 	before doing the update (as does the recursive one, but never mind
  144 	that). Previously, if you pressed `u' soon enough after the
  145 	thumbnail-read had started, and only files a long way down in a
  146 	big directory needed new thumbnails, then you could be left with a
  147 	mostly-blank set of thumbnails onscreen for (say) a few seconds.
  148 	It now makes sure all thumbnails in the visible portion of the
  149 	list are read before it starts, rather like recursive update.
  151 	* src/backend.c: marking image as uncacheable seems to *very*
  152 	occasionally lead to a segfault (infrequently enough that I've
  153 	found this hard to track down), apparently due to unearthing a bug
  154 	in Imlib1's uncacheable-image code which is (I think) never
  155 	otherwise used. So we don't do that any more.
  157 2001-04-09  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  159 	* Added support for PRF (ported from zgv), which is basically a
  160 	kind of extrapolated version of my old mrf format - unlike mrf,
  161 	PRF supports greyscale and colour. Thanks to Brian Raiter for both
  162 	devising the format, and writing the reference implementation
  163 	readprf.c is heavily based on.
  165 	* src/mkopts.awk: now detects running under an old awk, and
  166 	complains about it with a pointer to config.mk.
  168 2001-03-01  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  170 	* src/main.c: toggling all tags is now possible, with Alt-o or
  171 	Tagging/Toggle All.
  173 	* src/main.c: you can now move to the next/previous tagged file
  174 	with `/' and `?' respectively (or equivalent menu options). When
  175 	used in the viewer, this also views the file.
  176 	(init_window): moved `Tag then Next' to new viewer `Tagging' menu.
  178 	* src/main.c: fix for redraw-related position problem. (In 0.6,
  179 	try going to the end of the selector's list, pressing `v', then
  180 	pressing `v' again - the row positioning is slightly wrong.)
  181 	(init_window): added `Open' to selector `File' menu, and
  182 	rearranged the menu slightly; moved tagging commands to `Tagging'
  183 	menu.
  185 2001-02-03  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  187 	* src/main.c (set_title): no longer includes the version number in
  188 	the window title, as you can get this from both `xzgv --version'
  189 	and About on either Help menu.
  191 	* Added help menus. Currently just runs info on the relevant node,
  192 	but it's better than nothing I s'pose. :-)
  194 2001-01-16  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  196 	* Added choice of timestamps to use when sorting in time/date
  197 	order - you can now choose mtime (default), ctime, or atime. You
  198 	can switch with alt-shift-m/c/a, or from selector menu's
  199 	Directory/Time & Date Type submenu, or with `sort-timestamp-type'
  200 	option/config. Thanks for Wolfram Kleff for suggesting this.
  202 	* src/main.c (viewer_key_press): you can now use shifted cursor
  203 	keys as an alternative means of paging up/down/left/right in the
  204 	viewer.
  205 	(selector_key_press): any `Menu' key you might have can now be
  206 	used to show the selector/viewer menus, just as right-clicking or
  207 	pressing F10 does.
  209 2000-12-28  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  211 	* src/readtiff.c: didn't need to include rcfile.h.
  212 	(read_tiff_file): previously flipped the image incorrectly.
  214 2000-12-21  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  216 	* `make install' now uses slightly more friendly Debian-ish
  217 	permissions (755 for executable, 644 for docs).
  219 2000-12-15  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  221 	* src/readgif.c (outputstring): copied new non-recursive
  222 	outputstring() across from zgv. No real advantage in xzgv, but
  223 	it saves a gratuitous inconsistency at least. :-) Oh,
  224 	actually, there is an advantage - this version shouldn't be
  225 	hangable even with badly broken GIFs.
  227 2000-12-14  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  229 	* src/main.c (cb_selection): made toggles which could possibly
  230 	affect the image display (in fact, did just about any which do
  231 	GTK+ stuff) ignore the toggle attempt if currently loading an
  232 	image. The main problem this fixes is the weirdness that used to
  233 	happen after toggling zoom while a picture was loading
  234 	(particularly when unzooming, and loading a `big' picture).
  236 2000-12-13  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  238 	* src/readgif.c (decompress): inittable() shouldn't have trusted
  239 	code size to match numcols. It broke on a certain flavour of
  240 	unusual and suboptimal, but valid, GIF with less than 256 colours
  241 	(probably generated by a `broken' encoder). Thanks to Lenart
  242 	Janos, Josip Rodin, and Chris Lawrence for spotting this and/or
  243 	pushing the bug report to your friendly neighbourhood upstream
  244 	maintainer. :-)
  246 	* src/readjpeg.c (read_jpeg_file): sped things up a bit by reading
  247 	in a slightly less simplistic manner, and by not doing "fancy
  248 	upsampling" (doing this previously was the main reason why
  249 	Imlib1's reader was faster). Combined with the change below, this
  250 	makes native JPEG reading a teeny bit faster than Imlib1's, so
  251 	it's now done that way for non-thumbnail use too. Also added
  252 	`careful-jpeg' option/config, in case you want to leave it
  253 	enabled (seems to be about a 10% slowdown).
  255 	* src/backend.c (backend_create_image_from_data_destructively):
  256 	now properly implemented for Imlib1. The way I've done it is
  257 	slightly evil, but it speeds things up. ;-)
  259 	* doc/xzgv.texi (File Type Identification): this bit could
  260 	probably do with a rewrite, but at least it vaguely resembles
  261 	reality now. :-)
  263 	* src/readtiff.c: TIFF reader - uses libtiff. This means yet
  264 	another library dependancy :-/, but enough people seem to use xzgv
  265 	with TIFFs that it's probably worth doing properly.
  267 2000-12-10  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  269 	* src/updatetn.c (update_one_tn): now makes sure a page of
  270 	thumbnails is visible even when doing non-recursive update -
  271 	previously doing such an update before all thumbnails had been
  272 	read in would show blank spots during the update (unlike the
  273 	now-usual xzgv behaviour of loading onscreen thumbnails asap).
  274 	This only seems to slow it down fractionally (by about 0.5% in a
  275 	large dir full of small files in thin-rows mode), so I think it's
  276 	worth it to get the consistency.
  278 2000-11-24  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  280 	* INSTALL: added more 0.6 success/failure reports - thanks to
  281 	Joerg Reuter at SuSE.
  283 	* src/main.c (viewer_key_press): whoops, I broke alt-a/u from
  284 	viewer when I added ^a/^u - sorted that out.
  286 	* src/backend.c: added gdk-pixbuf backend (aimed at 0.9.0).
  287 	gdk-pixbuf doesn't quite provide everything xzgv needs, and seems
  288 	rather slower than Imlib1 at rendering *despite* avoiding some
  289 	unnecessary pixmap creation, so I don't see myself recommending
  290 	use of this any time soon. Anyway, it's there if you want to try
  291 	it. It doesn't support flip/mirror/rotate, or any
  292 	brightness/contrast/gamma changes (I suppose I'll get around to
  293 	these eventually, but expect them to be *slow* as gdk-pixbuf
  294 	doesn't provide native facilities for this stuff), and doesn't
  295 	support as many filetypes as Imlib1 (no fallback I suppose), but
  296 	the rest is there.
  298 2000-11-23  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  300 	* src/readjpeg.c: adapted readjpegtn.c so it's usable as a normal
  301 	JPEG reader too. Unfortunately this seems to be slower than Imlib1
  302 	at reading JPEGs :-) (probably because creating Imlib's image from
  303 	the RGB data involves copying it?), so it's still only used for
  304 	thumbnails.
  306 	* src/main.c (cb_delete_file): added `delete-single-prompt'
  307 	option (cmdline and config file) so you can disable the y/n
  308 	prompt when deleting a file, rather like zgv's `nodelprompt'.
  309 	Thanks to Martin Bialasinski for suggesting this.
  311 2000-11-21  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  313 	* doc/xzgv.texi: case of chars in Alt-x and Ctrl-x forms should
  314 	now be uniformly lowercase.
  315 	(File Details): now mentions problem with zgv 5.0/5.1 generating
  316 	incorrect thumbnail width/height details (5.2 is ok).
  318 	* src/main.c: many keyboard navigation fixes/additions. Selector
  319 	and viewer now both support ^u/^v/^a/^e as alternatives to page
  320 	up/down and home/end. j/k in selector were fixed to behave more
  321 	like cursor up/down do.
  323 2000-11-20  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  325 	* src/main.c: concerted attempt to nail all the remaining
  326 	recursion problems. Now everything which even *thinks* of calling
  327 	render_pixmap() is protected. :-) This isn't perfect though, as
  328 	the protections are independent (do a mirror and flip at about the
  329 	same time, and it'll mess up), so I'll need a better fix
  330 	eventually.
  331 	(do_gtk_stuff): this is now a LOT smarter about what to do when
  332 	thumbnails are being loaded - fixes the bug where (while
  333 	thumbnails were being loaded) holding down space to storm through
  334 	N images got it very confused indeed.
  336 	* doc/xzgv.texi (Renaming a File): it's xzgv not zgv. :-)
  338 	* src/main.c (load_image): X windows are limited to a maximum size
  339 	of 32767x32767 pixels, and xzgv uses a GTK+ widget based on an X
  340 	window for its image. That's not the change, this is - previously,
  341 	my GIF/PNG/mrf file readers failed to notice the problem larger
  342 	images would cause, leading to a segfault - they now give an
  343 	error.
  344 	(cb_selection): now ensures focus is returned to selector when
  345 	changing dir, making the pastpos action clearer when using the
  346 	mouse (i.e. if you go down into a dir and then back up, the
  347 	keyboard cursor will show which dir you just left). Previously, if
  348 	you'd viewed an image before changing dir with the mouse, focus
  349 	would have remained on the image.
  351 	* src/updatetn.c: recursive thumbnail update no longer reads all
  352 	thumbnails before doing updates - it now only bothers to read
  353 	visible thumbnails. This makes the `fast-recursive-update' option
  354 	rather less useful, as it's nearly that fast already. :-)
  355 	(cb_update_tn_recursive_confirmed): previously didn't do pastpos
  356 	stuff to save/restore cursor row `around' recursive update -
  357 	fixed.
  359 2000-11-17  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  361 	* Now adapts rendering method for big images. When the number of
  362 	pixels in the image exceeds the value set by
  363 	image-bigness-threshold (as set in config file or on command-line,
  364 	defaulting to 2 million pixels), it's drawn piece-by-piece on
  365 	demand rather than all-at-once. The all-at-once behaviour is worth
  366 	keeping around for smaller images, as it gives much nicer
  367 	scrolling - but for big images it's just impractical, hence this
  368 	feature.
  370 	* src/main.c: previously, when you scaled down as far as it would
  371 	go, it would never let you scale down again in the same way, due
  372 	to breaking an anti-recursion measure. Fixed that.
  374 2000-11-16  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  376 	* src/backend.c: wrapper for rendering backend. This is now (apart
  377 	from the Makefile) the only place with any Imlib1 dependence, so
  378 	this should make it easier (or rather, slightly less than
  379 	infinitely hard :-)) to switch backends if I decide to do that, or
  380 	to support multiple backends (choosing backend at compile time).
  382 2000-11-11  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  384 	* doc/Makefile: replaced ifeq/ifneq with shell equivalent, which
  385 	turns out to be sufficient (if uglier). This should avoid the need
  386 	to use GNU make. Thanks to Frank Pohl for spotting this problem.
  388 2000-11-07  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  390 	* Changed `install -m' invocations to do plain install and change
  391 	permissions after (with chmod). Thanks to Steven Bankowitz for
  392 	reminding me of `-m' being a problem on things like Solaris.
  394 2000-10-29  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  396 	* src/main.c (init_window): as must be traditional by now, I found
  397 	a bug almost immediately after the release. :-) Quite a minor one,
  398 	thankfully. Previously you could still toggle thin-rows while
  399 	running in the `xzgv file(s)' way, which was silly and made things
  400 	look strange. Harmless, but fixed now.
  402 2000-10-28  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  404 	* Version 0.6.
  406 2000-10-27  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  408 	* src/filedetails.c (make_details_win): file details dialog now
  409 	works fully even when started with `xzgv file(s)' (previously the
  410 	details from any thumbnail were missing).
  412 2000-10-26  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  414 	* src/main.c (cb_selection): before, when you used decoupled
  415 	scaling and then rotated a picture, it messed up when resetting
  416 	things for the next picture. Fixed that. (It swapping the scalings
  417 	inappropriately when setting picture orientation to either 0 or
  418 	the last picture's state.)
  419 	(reinit_dir): when rescanning the directory (in the control-r
  420 	sense :-)), the keyboard cursor now tries to stay at the same
  421 	place in dir list, for consistency with zgv and because it's just
  422 	nicer. Thanks to Philippe Marzouk for spotting this one.
  424 	* TODO: made into an outline to keep the less important stuff from
  425 	crowding out the things I should really be thinking about.
  427 2000-10-25  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  429 	* doc/makeman.awk: previously, a one-line paragraph with a
  430 	formatting-type @-command would merge into the start of the next
  431 	paragraph.
  433 	* src/readgif.c (outputchr): was previously broken for interlaced
  434 	GIFs with less than 4 lines; this broke the heap, leading to
  435 	difficult-to-pin-down segfaults.
  437 	* INSTALL: generally updated and tidied up. Also added a section
  438 	reporting how past versions of xzgv (currently 0.5) have been said
  439 	to react on certain non-Linux/x86 systems.
  441 2000-10-23  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  443 	* src/copymove.c: now copes with copy/move when started as `xzgv
  444 	file(s)'. It's not perfect, in that the selector isn't updated (so
  445 	after a move things can be confusing), but at least it's usable.
  447 	* Made icon a bit less indistinct. :-)
  449 2000-10-22  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  451 	* You can now change the sorting order from the command-line with
  452 	`-o'/`--sort-order' (and from a config file similarly), which
  453 	takes a name/ext/size/date (or time) arg (though only the first
  454 	char is required).
  456 	* src/rcfile.c: if you omitted the arg to an option in a config
  457 	file, it would segfault. Fixed that, and applied brown paper
  458 	bag as appropriate. :-)
  460 	* src/rcfile.c (usage_help): usage help is now strictly sorted in
  461 	long-option order.
  462 	(geom_parse): would previously get stuck in an infinite loop if
  463 	given a bogus geometry arg.
  465 2000-10-17  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  467 	* Added my own PNG reader (well, libpng interface :-)), ported
  468 	from zgv. This avoids the Imlib PNG problems (still present in
  469 	1.9.8, the latest version I've checked), such that greyscale
  470 	PNGs are now read correctly, and you no longer have the `now
  471 	it's purple, now it's not' problem with partly-transparent
  472 	PNGs. (Though that does still affect, for example, XPMs.) It
  473 	also seems to be slightly faster, but only very slightly. So
  474 	note that you now need to have png.h and pngconf.h available
  475 	when compiling xzgv (you already needed the *library* for
  476 	Imlib, but now you need the headers too).
  478 2000-10-10  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  480 	* doc/makeman.awk: ported over zgv change - previously it didn't
  481 	output a correct NAME line (it used "-" rather than "\-").
  483 2000-10-07  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  485 	* Since I've finally switched to using Emacs's c-mode, after
  486 	getting the indentation configured correctly with no bugs
  487 	getting in the way (I hope :-)), I've reindented everything
  488 	(other than getopt* and install-info.c) with it. The changes
  489 	are minor, obviously - essentially it's just lining things up
  490 	a bit more nicely, though some long lines in main.c had to be
  491 	mangled a bit to keep the line length under 80 chars.
  493 2000-09-30  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  495 	* src/rcfile.c: get_config() previously assumed $HOME was set.
  497 2000-09-25  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  499 	* src/main.c: added gamma support, but as with brightness/contrast
  500 	this is only available from the keyboard for now. The basic idea
  501 	is to ignore the rather unworkable image/screen gamma distinction,
  502 	and just use a relative gamma with fast shortcuts for common
  503 	cases. So pressing `1' gives a gamma adjustment of 1.0 (i.e. no
  504 	adjustment), `2' gives 2.2 (for e.g. viewing linear-gamma files on
  505 	an average PC monitor), `3' gives 1/2.2 (~0.45, for e.g. viewing
  506 	2.2-gamma files on a linear-gamma display), and `4' reverts to any
  507 	`--gamma' setting (or 1.0 if none was set). You can also use
  508 	alt-comma and alt-dot for more precise control of gamma
  509 	adjustment. Note that gamma is deliberately *not* reset by the
  510 	brightness/contrast resetting keys.
  512 2000-08-26  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  514 	* doc/xzgv.texi (Invoking xzgv): --zoom-reduce-only line should
  515 	have been an `itemx' not an `item'.
  516 	(Rescanning the Directory): rephrased to avoid awkward repetition
  517 	of `however'.
  519 	* Changed `$(MAKE) -C foo bar' in Makefiles to the more portable
  520 	form `cd foo && $(MAKE) bar'.
  522 	* Unfortunately doc/makeman.awk really does require gawk (some
  523 	features of gensub are too difficult to do without), so I've
  524 	changed the Makefiles such that a prebuilt man page will come with
  525 	the xzgv tgz. This doesn't make the tgz much larger, and seems a
  526 	tolerable compromise for coping with gawkless systems.
  528 2000-08-24  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  530 	* src/Makefile: install-info uses getopt_long(), so it needs to
  531 	link with getopt.o and getopt1.o to avoid problems on non-glibc
  532 	systems. Thanks to Steven Bankowitz for the feedback on a Solaris
  533 	build which lead to this fix (and those below).
  535 	* src/install-info.c: now uses the bundled getopt.h rather than
  536 	assuming there's one on the system.
  538 	* config.mk: added AWK line, so you can specify the awk
  539 	interpreter to use. (A `new' awk is needed, so gawk is the
  540 	default, but nawk is another possibility.) This setting doesn't
  541 	yet apply to doc/makeman.awk, which is currently hardcoded to use
  542 	gawk since it requires a gawk extension. (One to fix later, I
  543 	suppose. :-))
  545 2000-08-17  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  547 	* Version 0.5.
  549 2000-08-15  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  551 	* logo.c: whoops, still had a zgv header, fixed that. :-)
  553 	* TODO: checked up on does-this-still-happen bugs - most do still
  554 	happen. They're not major ones, I s'pose, but it's enough for the
  555 	next version to be 0.5 rather than the 1.0 I'd been considering.
  556 	:-/
  558 	* src/main.c: made the thumbnail loading's jumping-about
  559 	behaviour considerably smarter - it should be pretty optimal
  560 	now (given the requirement that it jump around to show
  561 	currently-visible stuff, that is).
  563 2000-08-04  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  565 	* src/libmmx-990416/mmx.h: fixed so it compiles even with
  566 	optimisation off, though I can't imagine why you'd compile it like
  567 	that. :-) Thanks to Gabor Z. Papp for pointing this out (albeit
  568 	somewhat indirectly).
  570 2000-07-25  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  572 	* src/gotodir.c: previously, jumping from a large dir to a large
  573 	dir (or even to a small dir, sometimes) could result in the
  574 	redrawing of the main window being noticeably delayed after the
  575 	dir-change window being destroyed - fixed that (mostly).
  577 2000-07-24  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  579 	* src/main.c: massively reduced *apparent* thumbnail load time, by
  580 	making it jump around to whichever part of the directory you're
  581 	currently looking at. :-) (It will eventually fill in any gaps,
  582 	when you stop moving around for long enough.)
  584 2000-07-13  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  586 	* src/main.c: added preliminary check when reading files from
  587 	command-line, to get rid of (at least in most cases) the
  588 	window-open-then-close ugliness you used to get before a `no
  589 	files' error message.
  591 2000-07-11  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  593 	* src/main.c: rows have been made 2 pixels taller, to allow room
  594 	for the outline cursor to go either side of the thumbnail rather
  595 	than potentially XORing over it. In addition to being a little
  596 	more aesthetically pleasing :-), this works around what seems to
  597 	be a GTK+ bug (as of 1.2.7 at least), where scrolling with the
  598 	cursor keys can leave part of the XOR'd cursor outline stuck on
  599 	the thumbnail (I suspect the pixmap is being drawn at the wrong
  600 	time). The extra pixel lines reduce the number of thumbnails
  601 	visible at once very slightly, which is unfortunate, but I really
  602 	think it's necessary.
  604 2000-07-10  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  606 	* src/main.c: fixed recursion problems in scaling. Thanks to
  607 	Steven Flintham for reminding me of this, and noting how badly it
  608 	affected decoupled scaling.
  610 2000-07-04  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  612 	* src/main.c: anti-clockwise rotation previously didn't swap x/y
  613 	scaling values, so when using decoupled scaling it screwed up.
  615 2000-06-28  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  617 	* src/main.c: fixed a significant memory leak, though you probably
  618 	wouldn't have noticed it unless you did a recursive thumbnail
  619 	update on a fairly well-populated hierarchy. I have a feeling this
  620 	fix *may* break older GTK+ versions; if changing directory
  621 	segfaults, you need to upgrade. :-) It's known to work on at least
  622 	GTK+ >=1.2.6.
  624 2000-06-27  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  626 	* doc/xzgv.texi: finally got around to documenting decoupled
  627 	scaling stuff. :-)
  629 	* doc/xzgv.texi (Viewer Options): listed keyboard shortcut for
  630 	zoom-reduce-only was wrong.
  632 	* src/options.src: added short option `-r' for zoom-reduce-only.
  633 	It's a useful enough option that it's worth having a shortcut. :-)
  635 	* src/main.c: added mouse shortcut for decoupled scaling. This is
  636 	quite a tricky one on the UI front, but the basic idea is that you
  637 	can scale only one axis directly from the mouse, as it were, with
  638 	ctrl-click and ctrl-right-click. You can change the axis to scale
  639 	(default is the Y axis) by using the axis toggle on the viewer
  640 	options menu (or by pressing alt-c). You can change the default by
  641 	enabling `mouse-scale-x', on the cmdline or in a config file.
  643 2000-06-08  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  645 	* src/main.c: added decoupled scaling - you can now scale x and y
  646 	axes of a picture independently. Thanks to Steven Flintham for
  647 	suggesting this. It's primarily for fixing aspect ratios on pics
  648 	intended for viewing with non-square pixels. Interpolation isn't
  649 	supported when the x scale doesn't equal the y scale.
  651 2000-05-11  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  653 	* config.mk: changed back to using -O2. It seems this doesn't
  654 	break anything any more. Presumably I'm now avoiding whatever
  655 	compiler bug was probably responsible for problems before. :^)
  657 2000-05-06  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  659 	* src/main.c: clicking on the viewer now moves to the next
  660 	image. Dragging the picture around still works - any mouse
  661 	movement at all during the click, and the picture gets dragged
  662 	instead. (If you want/need to disable this for some reason,
  663 	you can do so with `click-for-next off' in ~/.xzgvrc.) Thanks
  664 	to Paul E. Johnson for this idea.
  666 2000-05-03  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  668 	* src/main.c: previously, if you had auto-hide and zoom turned on,
  669 	then turned off auto-hide, the picture wasn't rezoomed when the
  670 	selector was shown - fixed that.
  672 	* src/libmmx-990416/mmx.h: fixed to work with gcc 2.95.x. Had to
  673 	remove eax from clobber list in mm_support(), and get rid of some
  674 	spurious colons after instructions. It now compiles
  675 	(and seems to work ok) with -DINTERP_MMX on at least three
  676 	different versions of gcc (thanks to Steven Flintham for testing
  677 	two of them :-)).
  679 2000-04-23  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@ntlworld.com>
  681 	* Updated email address everywhere (except below).
  683 2000-04-14  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@dtn.ntl.com>
  685 	* config.mk: now easier to install info file/man page in
  686 	FHS-friendly PREFIX/share (e.g. /usr/share/man/man1). However, the
  687 	traditional locations are still the default, as I suspect e.g.
  688 	/usr/local/share/man/man1 is much less widely accepted than
  689 	/usr/local/man/man1. If you're installing in /usr, though,
  690 	uncommenting the SHARE_INFIX line may be a good idea.
  692 2000-03-31  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@dtn.ntl.com>
  694 	* Version 0.4.
  696 	* README: removed mrf stuff which I suspect no-one cared about in
  697 	the first place. (Even I was getting tired of it, and I *use*
  698 	mrf... :-))
  700 2000-03-14  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@dtn.ntl.com>
  702 	* doc/xzgv.texi: documented cut/copy/paste in `goto dir' dialog.
  704 	* doc/xzgv.texi (Moving Around The List): removed link from after
  705 	"Mouse-happy types can freely skip it" comment, as it wasn't that
  706 	useful and would have looked odd in a printed copy... :-)
  708 	* src/main.c: you can now use j/k for down/up in the selector, as
  709 	vi-like alternatives to the cursor keys.
  711 2000-03-12  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@dtn.ntl.com>
  713 	* src/main.c: added brightness/contrast, which works in just the
  714 	same way as in zgv. No mouse equivalent yet though, as I'm having
  715 	some difficulty thinking of a reasonable way to do it. (I may even
  716 	end up (ab)using a modal dialog for it, which would be *odd* but
  717 	may be the least unreasonable approach given the way xzgv works in
  718 	general.) I'd ended up putting it off for a while to ponder this,
  719 	but in the end decided to get it done and add the mousey version
  720 	later.
  722 	* src/main.c: now avoids a malloc()/free() for each thumbnail
  723 	read. I doubt it makes much difference to anything though.
  725 2000-03-08  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@dtn.ntl.com>
  727 	* INSTALL: updated to reflect MMX change, and asked for feedback
  728 	regarding portability.
  730 	* config.mk: disabled INTERP_MMX by default, as libmmx doesn't
  731 	seem to compile under a newer gcc/egcs, and there was no newer
  732 	libmmx when I last checked, *and* I can't easily try fixing this
  733 	myself until I'm running 2.95.* or whatever. :-/
  735 2000-03-07  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@dtn.ntl.com>
  737 	* doc/xzgv.texi (Invoking xzgv): de-biased bit which mentioned
  738 	GNOME in passing to mention both GNOME and KDE, as both are
  739 	equally valid in context.
  741 	* src/main.c: 15/16-bit dithering can now be toggled with shift-f,
  742 	by analogy with zgv's `fakecols' toggle.
  744 2000-03-03  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@dtn.ntl.com>
  746 	* src/main.c: fixed the problem with toggling zoom off and on
  747 	quickly, where scrollbars were disabled but an unzoomed image was
  748 	shown instead of a zoomed one. This was due to recursion in
  749 	toggle_zoom(), which is now avoided.
  751 2000-02-11  Russell Marks  <russell.marks@dtn.ntl.com>
  753 	* I now actually bother using my email address for changelog
  754 	entries. :-)
  756 	* src/main.c: renamed `Exit viewer' menu item to `Exit to
  757 	Selector', which should make the meaning less ambiguous.
  759 	* TODO: slightly tidied up and checked/updated.
  761 2000-02-05  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
  763 	* README: looks like I left this on 0.2 for 0.3, whoops :-)
  765 	* src/main.c: added file rename. The key it's on is heavily
  766 	suboptimal (^n), but all the good ones were taken. :-) Menu-wise
  767 	it's ok though - File/Rename file (by analogy with the
  768 	delete-single-file one).
  770 	* src/rename.c: created.
  772 2000-02-03  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
  774 	* src/main.c: file magic tests in load_image() supplied 4 bytes to
  775 	test, but only bothered testing 3. :-)
  777 2000-01-29  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
  779 	* src/updatetn.c: now avoids the nasty `shear' effect you got when
  780 	updating thumbnails and it needed to scroll the window before
  781 	updating a thumbnail.
  783 2000-01-14  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
  785 	* Version 0.3.
  787 	* src/config.mk: changed CFLAGS to use -O instead of -O2 (I
  788 	actually did this a few days back); Steven has had weird problems
  789 	with a recent gcc with -O2, but -O works. (I seem to be ok with
  790 	(according to `gcc --version') egcs 2.91.66, but it's easier to
  791 	just throttle back than have it screw up. Besides, all this really
  792 	does is slow down scaling a bit.)
  794 	* Removed mention of the forfree.at email address, which seems to
  795 	be b0rken :-(, and replaced with my actual current address.
  797 	* INSTALL: removed note about needing getopt_long().
  799 	* Added getopt.[ch] and getopt1.c from glibc, so things should
  800 	hopefully still work on a libc which lacks getopt_long().
  802 2000-01-10  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
  804 	* src/copymove.c: use pastpos to try and stay in similar place in
  805 	selector when rescanning dir. It isn't perfect - in particular, if
  806 	the old row no longer exists it goes to row 0 rather than staying
  807 	at the end - but it's better than *always* going to row 0.
  809 2000-01-09  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
  811 	* src/copymove.c: added copy/move. These work like zgv - copy/move
  812 	tagged files if any tagged, otherwise copy/move the file the
  813 	cursor is on. (Being zgv-like also means they stop if they run
  814 	across an existing file, which can be a little annoying but is
  815 	probably safest.)
  817 	* src/gotodir.c: made cb_ok_button() static.
  819 1999-12-19  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
  821 	* src/main.c: you can now use `-k' or `--skip-parent' (or config
  822 	file entry) to skip the (keyboard) cursor past `..' on the
  823 	directory xzgv starts on. This can be useful when you want to
  824 	immediately use space to `page' through a dir. Thanks to Steven
  825 	Flintham for this idea.
  827 1999-12-14  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
  829 	* src/main.c: the idle_zoom_resize() idle func is now default
  830 	priority rather than resize priority. This fixes a problem where
  831 	zoom mode resizes were one resize behind (!) - thanks to Steven
  832 	Flintham for pointing this out. Unfortunately this makes `opaque
  833 	resize' a bit slower, but I think this fix is clearly the Right
  834 	Thing.
  836 1999-12-13  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
  838 	* doc/makeman.awk: fixed spurious blank line output in middle of
  839 	@item/@itemx pairs when there was a comment line between them.
  840 	It's a pretty ugly kludge, but I couldn't really see any other fix
  841 	which wouldn't break something else. :-/
  843 	* src/main.c: scaling can now scale the image *down* as well as
  844 	up. That is, you can make the image smaller more controllably than
  845 	you can by using zoom mode. I thought I'd add this as, given the
  846 	way Imlib works, it comes very cheaply indeed. However, it tends
  847 	to only be useful (i.e. be any advantage over zoom mode) on big
  848 	images, where you might want to scale down a bit rather than a
  849 	lot. One thing I should point out - if you've got used to doing
  850 	e.g. shift-d lots to get back to 1:1, you'll just have to learn
  851 	about the `n' (= Scaling/Normal) key... :-)
  853 	* src/main.c: invert-logo now kludges the bottom/rightmost lines
  854 	of the logo (which are black in the original, and thus turn white)
  855 	to be a more appropriate grey. A miswart, essentially - it's
  856 	horrible, but probably the Right Thing in context. :-)
  858 1999-12-10  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
  860 	* AUTHORS: created. Just points at the main docs, I'm sure a
  861 	duplicate copy would get out of date. :-)
  863 1999-12-09  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
  865 	* src/main.c: various things which implicitly turned off zoom mode
  866 	(basically scaling and `normal') didn't reenable scrollbars
  867 	afterwards; fixed that.
  869 1999-12-08  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
  871 	* src/main.c: new `invert-logo' config file option, flips the
  872 	colours in the logo to look less awful on dark GTK+ themes. :-)
  873 	The obvious way to `fix' this is to provide some way of disabling
  874 	the logo, but at the moment it assumes there's always a picture in
  875 	the viewer window, so this is a bit hairy. (And I think it looks
  876 	odd with the viewer window empty, which is the reason I bothered
  877 	with a logo in the first place!)
  879 1999-12-06  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
  881 	* src/main.c: added MMX-aware version of scaling with
  882 	interpolation code (using a bundled copy of Hank Dietz/Randy
  883 	Fisher's libmmx). According to my tests, it's `only' about 35%
  884 	faster, but it feels like more. :-) See config.mk for details.
  886 	* src/rcfile.c: you can now set the selector's initial/default
  887 	width with `--selector-width' (or config file setting). It can
  888 	only be specified in pixels for the time being, but I should add a
  889 	percentage option at some point. :-)
  891 1999-11-30  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
  893 	* doc/xzgv.texi (Config Variable Types): added `geometry', which
  894 	was missing, and corrected previous bit which said all config vars
  895 	were boolean.
  897 1999-11-22  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
  899 	* Version 0.2.
  901 	* Made install targets use `mkinstalldirs' (from texinfo) to make
  902 	paths to installation dirs first. Apparently the FHS guarantees
  903 	little if anything about /usr/local, so this is basically required
  904 	rather than merely being a good idea. I've left `mkinstalldirs'
  905 	non-executable (and run /bin/sh on it directly from the
  906 	Makefiles), as I don't like the idea of having a single executable
  907 	file in the top-level dir (some people might think it's like a GNU
  908 	configure script or whatever, and run it :-)).
  910 1999-11-16  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
  912 	* src/main.c: some fixes to avoid unwanted recursion when e.g.
  913 	space is being held down. There still seem to be problems with
  914 	this when you're really hammering it though (space held down for a
  915 	long time in a dir with many small images).
  917 1999-11-13  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
  919 	* src/main.c: now have a reduce-only option for zoom mode, meaning
  920 	you can have xzgv fit big pictures to the window without having
  921 	tiny icons etc. balloon up and look horrible. It's not the
  922 	default, but you can enable it with Alt-r or the viewer options
  923 	menu's "When Zooming Reduce Only" toggle or `--zoom-reduce-only'
  924 	or equivalent config file setting. Thanks to Steven Flintham and
  925 	Robert Braddock for this idea.
  927 1999-11-12  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
  929 	* doc/xzgv.texi (Invoking xzgv): missed out `geom' arg after `-g'
  930 	previously, fixed that.
  932 1999-11-06  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
  934 	* doc/xzgv.texi (Acknowledgements): added a credit for
  935 	`install-info', which *seems* to have been largely written by Karl
  936 	Berry, though it's not terribly clear (e.g. the initial change log
  937 	entry is by RMS, but it just says "new file" or similar, so I'm
  938 	assuming he didn't do a great deal :-)).
  940 1999-11-04  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
  942 	* src/main.c: fixed bug where, if you enabled zoom on a picture of
  943 	nearly the same shape as the viewer window, it left the scrollbars
  944 	on.
  946 1999-11-03  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
  948 	* src/main.c: you can now set whether to use 15/16-bit dithering
  949 	or not independent of Imlib's default setting. The option is
  950 	Options/Dither in 15 & 16-bit (guess who's using item_factory :-))
  951 	on the viewer menu, and can also be set by --dither-hicol or
  952 	equivalent config file setting.
  954 1999-11-01  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
  956 	* src/rcfile.c: added `-g'/`--geometry' option (and config file
  957 	setting), which lets you set the xzgv window's geometry in the
  958 	usual X fashion. As an extension, all positions/sizes can be given
  959 	as percentages of the screen size - for example, the default
  960 	geometry is `92%x85%'.
  962 1999-10-31  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
  964 	* src/main.c: no longer keeps saying "Reading file..." on
  965 	statusbar if a file couldn't be read.
  967 	* src/main.c: error dialogs now use an Ok button a third the width
  968 	of the window, so they look a bit more like the other dialogs.
  970 	* src/updatetn.c: made recursive update require confirmation.
  971 	There's some annoyance value to this, I suppose, but I think it's
  972 	justified. It really *can* take a long time, after all, and the
  973 	dialog also explains what `recursive update' actually means; I
  974 	think this is useful as it's a term some non-programmers are
  975 	unlikely to be very familiar with.
  977 	* src/main.c: added file delete (with confirmation), as
  978 	File/Delete and ctrl-d. I couldn't seem to figure out how to get
  979 	it bound to Delete (and the hairy and somewhat religious
  980 	Backspace/Delete mapping area is probably best avoided anyway). I
  981 	did consider putting it on shift-d like in zgv, but I thought the
  982 	clash with shift-d as used in the viewer made this potentially a
  983 	bad idea. (Also, ctrl-d has a `delete' meaning in various other
  984 	things (e.g. Emacs), while shift-d is probably only used for this
  985 	by zgv.)
  987 	* src/confirm.c: generic confirmation (yes/no) dialog.
  989 1999-10-27  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
  991 	* Added recursive thumbnail update. One problem with this is that
  992 	it reads all existing thumbnails in a dir before updating (like
  993 	xv, IIRC) to try and avoid having a really ugly selector during
  994 	the update :-), though you can disable this with
  995 	`--fast-recursive-update' or an equivalent config file line.
  997 	* src/updatetn.c: moved thumbnail-update stuff here, and removed
  998 	extra GTK+ update from makexv332(), which was causing problems (it
  999 	usually segfaulted if you destroyed the main xzgv window while
 1000 	updating thumbnails).
 1002 1999-10-26  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
 1004 	* src/main.c: now copes with being started in an unreadable dir,
 1005 	and avoids selecting files/dirs it doesn't have sufficient
 1006 	permissions for.
 1008 1999-10-25  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
 1010 	* src/main.c: you can now tag an image while viewing (like in zgv)
 1011 	by doing ctrl-space (not like in zgv :-)). Also on viewer menu
 1012 	after next/previous image.
 1014 	* src/resizepic.c: added a similar speedup which should work
 1015 	for any file type - it's not quite as fast as the JPEG
 1016 	approach, which is only really applicable to JPEGs, but it
 1017 	speeds things up a *lot* for non-JPEGs. It does mean that
 1018 	thumbnails for dithered images don't usually look as good as
 1019 	before, but you could probably argue that this makes them more
 1020 	faithful. :-) (Ok, I realise this could be annoying, so this
 1021 	speedup will probably become optional at some point...)
 1023 	* src/readjpegtn.c: custom JPEG loader for thumbnails, makes them
 1024 	as fast to generate as in zgv (well, curiously, it works out
 1025 	faster in xzgv for, uh, `technical reasons' :-)). The code which
 1026 	actually makes things faster was contributed to zgv by Costa
 1027 	Sapuntzakis.
 1029 1999-10-24  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
 1031 	* doc/xzgv.texi: hacked to reflect recent changes.
 1033 	* src/main.c: you can now `close' a file (clear the viewer,
 1034 	returning to the startup logo).
 1036 	* src/gotodir.c: `go to dir' dialog. (Only text-entry for now (!),
 1037 	but I'll probably extend it at some point.) Changed Sort Order
 1038 	menu items to be `Sort by Name' etc. under new `Directory' menu to
 1039 	accomodate this as Directory/Change (also on G (zgv-like)). Added
 1040 	Directory/Rescan (^R) while I was at it. :-)
 1042 	* src/main.c: error dialog looked weird before, doesn't look as
 1043 	weird now. :-)
 1045 1999-10-23  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
 1047 	* src/main.c: Esc now exits an error dialog (making it consistent
 1048 	with the other ones).
 1050 	* src/filedetails.c: `file details' dialog - selected by
 1051 	File/Details or (as in zgv) `:'/`;'. Includes width/height from
 1052 	thumbnail, if present. (Thumbnails from versions of zgv before 5.0
 1053 	didn't include this - you may to delete your old thumbnails and
 1054 	`update' if you find that a problem. Note that thumbnails
 1055 	generated with xzgv/xv/Gimp should be ok.)
 1057 	* src/main.c: right-clicking on the selector to get the menu
 1058 	now also moves the focus row (keyboard cursor) to the file you
 1059 	right-clicked on (and switches focus to the selector). This
 1060 	should give us a way of doing single-file operations (well,
 1061 	those other than viewing) with the mouse, without needing to
 1062 	sacrifice the IMHO very nice single-click-to-view behaviour.
 1064 1999-10-20  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
 1066 	* Replaced the directory/file-without-thumbnail icons with nicer
 1067 	ones. They're loosely based on gmc's `dir-close.xpm', which I
 1068 	think Tuomas Kuosmanen was responsible for (judging from the
 1069 	change log). Thanks also to Steven Flintham for pointing out that
 1070 	the old icons were pretty crap. :-)
 1072 1999-10-19  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
 1074 	* Bothered giving it a half-decent logo. :-) Also has a similar
 1075 	icon.
 1077 	* src/main.c: thumbnail updates now make sure any row a thumbnail
 1078 	is being updated for is visible, making the update look more like
 1079 	it does in zgv - as well as making it rather more clear what's
 1080 	going on. :-) (The old position is restored when the update is
 1081 	finished.)
 1083 1999-10-03  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
 1085 	* src/main.c: made middle-click on the viewer toggle the selector
 1086 	rather than always acting like Exit viewer. Thanks to Steven
 1087 	Flintham for suggesting this.
 1089 	* src/main.c: previously segfaulted on files less than 4 bytes
 1090 	long due to a typo. Um, whoops... :-}
 1092 1999-09-30  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
 1094 	* src/readgif.c: shouldn't hang on some corrupt GIFs now. This
 1095 	change reflects the one in zgv 5.0, and thanks go to Andy Mortimer
 1096 	for the fix (to zgv, but it (currently) applies to xzgv too).
 1098 1999-09-27  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
 1100 	* doc/xzgv.texi: corrected a couple of typos.
 1102 1999-09-14  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
 1104 	* src/main.c: now has tagging - `-' untags, `=' tags, and with
 1105 	Alt (Meta) they untag/tag all. As for the mouse, ctrl-click
 1106 	tags/untags, and there's now a File menu (might become Tagging
 1107 	or similar, haven't really made up my mind) which has items
 1108 	for tag/untag all. No way of tagging from the viewer
 1109 	currently, though, and at the moment nothing at all takes any
 1110 	notice of whether a file is tagged or not. :-) (Also, you
 1111 	can't tell if a file is tagged if it's also selected!)
 1113 1999-09-12  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
 1115 	* src/main.c: pixmaps for dirs and thumbnailless pics are now
 1116 	shaped, rather than having an ugly white background.
 1118 	* src/main.c: another focus-row bug fixed - when the selector lost
 1119 	focus due to selecting a picture, it didn't undraw the focused
 1120 	row. (This isn't very obvious with the default GTK+ theme, but it
 1121 	really shows up with e.g. Rasterman's `pixmap' one.) This was due
 1122 	to my disabling can-focus *before* changing focus (whoops).
 1124 	* src/main.c: fixed problem where xzgv's moving the focused row
 1125 	`by hand' sometimes messed up the display.
 1127 1999-09-08  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
 1129 	* doc/makeman.awk: previously the last output line of a
 1130 	paragraph was never escaped, meaning it would most likely be
 1131 	lost if it began with a dot (this mangled the first paragraph
 1132 	of the `Updating Thumbnails' node).
 1134 1999-09-02  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
 1136 	* doc/xzgv.texi (Updating Thumbnails): fixed fixed double double
 1137 	word word. :-)
 1139 1999-08-14  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
 1141 	* Version 0.1.
 1143 	* doc/xzgv.texi: cleaned up - mainly a matter of updating a few
 1144 	bits, and removing all the zgv stuff which doesn't yet apply (for
 1145 	as-yet-unimplemented stuff like brightness/contrast, tagging,
 1146 	slideshows... the list goes on :-)).
 1148 	* Various cmdline/config options added, so that all runtime
 1149 	options can now have defaults messed about with. :-)
 1151 1999-08-09  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
 1153 	* src/main.c: previously render_pixmap() didn't bother checking if
 1154 	theimage was NULL (i.e. if no picture was loaded), which broke
 1155 	e.g. `xzgv --zoom *.jpg'.
 1157 	* Rearranged things to give a more zgv-like directory layout,
 1158 	things were getting a bit confusing with all sorts packed into one
 1159 	dir.
 1161 	* rcfile.c: ok, it was deeply hairy, but I've converted zgv's
 1162 	option-parsing and config-file-reading code and (the hairy part)
 1163 	added long-option support, making long-option names and config
 1164 	file variable names the same, and having stuff only defined once.
 1165 	I thought I'd be able to use some cpp trickery to get this
 1166 	working, but I ended up using an awk script. :-/
 1168 1999-08-08  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
 1170 	* main.c: finally have keyboard control over relative window sizes
 1171 	(paned widget). `[' moves splitter left, `]' moves it right,
 1172 	with ctrl+[ and ctrl+] moving in smaller steps. `~' returns
 1173 	selector to default size, as well as unhiding it.
 1175 	* main.c: cursor-key equivalents of the small hjkl movements
 1176 	added; ctrl-cursor moves 10 rather than 100 pixels.
 1178 	* main.c: fixed bug where any viewer exposure after a
 1179 	failed-picture-load caused a segfault. (!) I think the code
 1180 	changes I needed for scaling probably teased this one out, as that
 1181 	works with the imlib image itself, rather than a pixmap rendered
 1182 	by it.
 1184 1999-08-05  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
 1186 	* doc/xzgv.texi: created, based on zgv's zgv.texi. Pretty scrappy
 1187 	for now, but at least I've started. :-)
 1189 1999-08-04  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
 1191 	* main.c: thumbnail column now matches maximum possible thumbnail
 1192 	width, making thin rows mode look a *lot* better.
 1194 	* main.c: menus popped up with F10 now appear in more reasonable
 1195 	places (top-left of the subwindow they were popped up from).
 1197 	* main.c: you can now iconify (minimise) the window with ^Z. I
 1198 	also put it on the menu, which might be handy if you're running
 1199 	fullscreen and don't know what a keyboard is. :-) Also moved `hide
 1200 	selector' to the new `window' menu created primarily for minimise.
 1202 	* main.c: rearranged some menu items - in particular, shifted all
 1203 	viewer toggles onto an `options' menu. It looked ugly with the
 1204 	options littering otherwise `normal' menus, and I'm not sure that
 1205 	(e.g.) having zoom on the scaling menu was all that smart to begin
 1206 	with. :-)
 1208 	* main.c: fullscreen option (start with `-f'). Uses the entire
 1209 	screen with no window frame or anything (if your wm recognises the
 1210 	decor hints - I think they're mwm ones, but fvwm handles them,
 1211 	meaning that most wm's around today do :-)). I tried having it as
 1212 	a run-time option, but it was just too evil trying to `switch
 1213 	back' from fullscreen, and I never got it entirely working.
 1215 1999-08-02  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
 1217 	* main.c: now has the full range of revert stuff from zgv. This
 1218 	has been streamlined a little to make sense in the largely
 1219 	modeless xzgv, so now you only have the revert-orientation option,
 1220 	but it's on the viewer menu so the effect of zgv's
 1221 	saved-orientation stuff isn't too hard to duplicate.
 1223 	* main.c: now supports scaling, interpolation and all. :-) Since
 1224 	keeping a scaled-up image in memory would take up a LOT of room
 1225 	(we're talking hundreds of megs, even gigs - work it out), the
 1226 	scaling has to be done on the fly, so it's a bit slow even on
 1227 	(what I would consider to be) a fast machine. But hey, at least
 1228 	it's there, and nothing's any slower when you're not using it.
 1230 	* main.c: thumbnail update now updates pixmaps in selector
 1231 	directly. This is more efficient than the old behaviour, and has
 1232 	the additional advantage that you can get to see thumbnails even
 1233 	if you don't have permission to write them (though you'd have to
 1234 	do an update every time you revisited the dir!).
 1236 	* main.c: couldn't-load-file errors now go in dialog rather than
 1237 	on stderr. :-) They also result in the selector being shown,
 1238 	useful if you ran xzgv on pics from the command-line.
 1240 1999-08-01  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
 1242 	* main.c: made thin rows mode considerably more useful by
 1243 	maintaining a separate rescaled thumbnail. This is only rescaled
 1244 	crudely (a take-every-nth-pixel approach), but it works
 1245 	surprisingly well.
 1247 1999-07-31  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
 1249 	* main.c: selector now has zgv-like goto-next-char on g and '.
 1250 	Like in zgv, there's no indication that it's waiting for a char,
 1251 	so I've made it timeout after two seconds in case of accidental
 1252 	presses and the like. (Strictly speaking it doesn't *wait* for the
 1253 	char; the initial g or ' just sets a flag.)
 1255 	* main.c: F10 now pops up the right-button menu (in both the
 1256 	selector and the viewer). You can now also use Enter (well,
 1257 	actually Return) instead of Space as an alternative way of
 1258 	selecting a pic.
 1260 	* main.c: markedly improved keyboard support in viewer by handling
 1261 	keypresses directly. This is a bit kludgey really, but given that
 1262 	keyboard movement is now quite faithfully zgv-like, I think it's
 1263 	worth it. :-) Had to move hide-selector to shift-z (the idea being
 1264 	it's a bit like zoom but in a different sense) to make room for
 1265 	hjkl; while I was at it, I changed hide to really be a hide/unhide
 1266 	toggle.
 1268 1999-07-28  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
 1270 	* main.c: bugfix after trying it on my 486 - it wasn't giving GTK+
 1271 	a chance to run after creating the `Updating Thumbnails' window
 1272 	until after the first file's thumbnail had been checked/updated,
 1273 	leaving the window briefly blank. (Since the first file is almost
 1274 	always `..', it takes very little time to deal with (as dirs don't
 1275 	have thumbnails), so much so that I hadn't noticed this delay at
 1276 	all on cartman.)
 1278 1999-07-27  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
 1280 	* main.c: now supports loading picture(s) from command-line. Works
 1281 	by faking up a selector `directory' containing them, and hiding
 1282 	the selector.
 1284 	* main.c: can now explicitly hide selector from viewer. Probably
 1285 	more useful than auto-hide mode for most people, I'd have thought;
 1286 	you might find having the selector visible fine generally, but
 1287 	still occasionally need the full window for a big image.
 1289 	* main.c: finally, has create/update thumbnails. Also added
 1290 	`pastpos' stuff from zgv, which remembers where you were when you
 1291 	last left a previously-visited directory.
 1293 	* main.c: viewer now uses pixmap background. This causes some
 1294 	difficulties (which I've mostly managed to work around - er, I
 1295 	hope :-)), but makes scrolling much easier on the eye. Also
 1296 	disabled "Reading thumbnails" messages by default and added option
 1297 	to enable them.
 1299 1999-07-25  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
 1301 	* main.c: middle button now does `exit viewer', like Esc (and
 1302 	equivalent menu option). Handy when in auto-hide mode.
 1304 	* main.c: added auto-hide mode. Rather nice for those of us
 1305 	running in relatively low resolutions. :-) However, since I reckon
 1306 	you're unlikely to want it if you're running in 800x600 or
 1307 	greater, and since it can be a little confusing, I've resisted the
 1308 	temptation to make it the default.
 1310 1999-07-24  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
 1312 	* main.c: cleaned up some early kludgey stuff - in particular,
 1313 	removed the long-gone quit button (which until now was merely not
 1314 	shown, ouch :-)). It's still fairly kludgey in parts, but one
 1315 	thing at a time eh...
 1317 	* main.c: fixed `losing' of current selection and focus row
 1318 	(the keyboard cursor) when sort order is changed. Also fixed
 1319 	the focus to match selection in this case, and in the other
 1320 	cases where it was previously a problem (next/prev image, and
 1321 	thin rows toggle).
 1323 1999-07-23  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
 1325 	* Kludged around apparently-buggy imlib GIF support (in v1.9.5 at
 1326 	least) by adding my own GIF support, via readgif.c and wrapper
 1327 	mentioned below. Hopefully this will only be a temporary kludge
 1328 	until imlib gets fixed. :-) PNGs with few colours also have
 1329 	problems, but that's not so easy to work around, unfortunately.
 1330 	(Rather, it is in theory, but PNG is a much harder format to read;
 1331 	readgif.c is only about 400 lines.)
 1333 	* main.c: now has next/previous image in viewer (on space and b
 1334 	rather than zgv's space and del, as a) del/backspace issues are
 1335 	non-trivial in X and b) I couldn't get del to work :-)).
 1337 	* Added mrf support via readmrf.c and wrapper for
 1338 	gdk_imlib_load_image(). This is probably the only way mrf support
 1339 	would get added, as imlib only seems to support the most popular
 1340 	formats `natively'.
 1342 	* main.c: finally you can change dir once it's started. :-) Also
 1343 	added custom sorting routine (so dirs come first, thank ghod for
 1344 	that), and different sorting orders (as in zgv).
 1346 	* main.c: loads of changes. Fixed memory leak the size of a planet
 1347 	(50 meg X server, anyone? :-)), made image draggable with the
 1348 	mouse, added right-button menus for both selector and viewer,
 1349 	added `thin rows', `status bar' and `zoom' options, and probably
 1350 	lots more I can't remember right now.
 1352 1999-07-22  Russell Marks  <rus@cartman>
 1354 	* First, really crap version. (Several more really crap versions
 1355 	to follow. :-))