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    1 By adding -DNEW_INTERFACE to the DEFGDB line in the Imakefile,
    2 you will be compiling xxgdb to use the new multi-window format.
    4 This format will let you choose which sections of xxgdb you
    5 wish to use by toggling the Source Display, Command Buttons,
    6 and Variable Display windows ON or OFF. The toggle buttons
    7 are located at the bottom of the main GDB interaction window.
    9 Along with these Toggle buttons for the windows. I have added
   10 another Quit button, so the Command Buttons window doesn't
   11 have to be activated just for a quick exit.
   13 There are two alternative to startup. If you want all of the
   14 display windows active at startup, add -DOPEN_ALL_WINDOWS
   15 to the DEFGDB line in the Imakefile, right after where you have
   16 added -DNEW_INTERFACE. This will open the Source Display,
   17 Command Buttons, and Variable Display windows at startup.
   18 If you don't just the main xxgdb window will be displayed. (I
   19 prefer this one).
   21 Oh yeah, don't forget to replace the XDbx.ad file with the new
   22 XDbx.NEW_INTERFACE file. Otherwise things will not look good at
   23 all and might not run.
   25 Dean.
   27 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
   28 Dean Michaels - dean@trlabs.CA                     Phone: (403) 441-3818
   29 Computer Systems Administrator                       Fax: (403) 441-3600
   30 TRLabs - Telecommunications Research Laboratories  
   31 #800 Park Plaza, 10611-98 Ave., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T5K 2P7