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    1 $NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.82 2017/07/04 08:52:38 wiz Exp $
    3 SHA1 (xterm-349.tgz) = fd4f1029148dac5a2b23de87330ba6599cf6b21e
    4 RMD160 (xterm-349.tgz) = b419e56c1391fa2d582a0c9f5c1dae9965f90ba7
    5 SHA512 (xterm-349.tgz) = a93b35a9086bd33685ac6b8a030b43287978e769c6d446faeedeeaec8789c5fb173deab10e85ee8b800c22026bfdf8f5143afad309c327710c25832e02404715
    6 Size (xterm-349.tgz) = 1381954 bytes