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    1 ?package(xterm-dev):\
    2  needs="x11"\
    3  section="Applications/Terminal Emulators"\
    4  longtitle="XTerm: terminal emulator for X (development)"\
    5  title="XTermDev"\
    6  icon="/usr/share/pixmaps/xterm-dev-color_32x32.xpm"\
    7  command="xterm-dev"
    8 ?package(xterm-dev):\
    9  needs="x11"\
   10  section="Applications/Terminal Emulators"\
   11  longtitle="XTerm: terminal emulator for X with Unicode support (development)"\
   12  title="XTermDev (Unicode)"\
   13  icon="/usr/share/pixmaps/xterm-dev-color_32x32.xpm"\
   14  command="uxterm-dev"