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    1 The NEWS file was generated from xterm.log.html, which serves as the changelog
    2 for xterm.
    3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    4                             Patch #379 - 2023/02/15
    6      * improve text-cursor (patch by Jan Engelhardt):
    7           + allow selecting CURSOR_BAR mode from command-line/Xresources.
    8           + draw  cursor  using  filled  rectangle  instead  of  rectangle
    9             outline to permit thicker underlines/bars.
   10           + scale up cursor relative to font size.
   11      * improve readline modes (Fedora #2166860):
   12           + document readline modes
   13           + change the feature to configure by default
   14           + replace hard-coded SS3 for cursor movement with current mode
   15           + replace hard-coded erase/lnext characters with current values
   16      * improve status-line (report by Thomas Wolff):
   17           + RIS turns off status-line
   18           + Right-margin  (DECLRMM  and DECSLRM) limits the length of text
   19             written/updated in the status-line.
   20           + Most  controls which affect the whole screen are ignored while
   21             updating the status-line.
   22      * modify  configure check for tgetent to allow for some special cases
   23        of ncurses configuration (report by Satadru Pramani).
   24      * reduce  timeout,  improve  warning  message  if  resize is run on a
   25        terminal which is not VT100-compatible.
   26      * reduce compiler warnings in configure script.