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    1 http://dickey.his.com/xterm/xterm.html
    3 Downloaded 1.22 variant (current Linux version) on 18-JAN-2000.
    5 Port stalled for a few days because OpenVMS X11 lacks XtGravity.
    7 X11KIT shared libraries almost work, but missing _XA_ symbols
    8 for some reason.  
   10 Copied X11KIT [.xaw3d] and [.xmu] into [.lib], put together simplified
   11 build procedures.  Made a few mods.  Merged in some changes from
   12 Patrick Young.  Now these build mostly ok except for tons of bcopy
   13 related warnings and problems with LAYOUT.C. 
   15 Merged changes from Xterm021 into here.
   17 Made changes here and there to get it all to work.
   19 25-JAN-2000, more or less done.  Logging doesn't work but PRINT
   20 does, as does regular VT emulation, TEK emulation, 80 and 132 wide
   21 modes.  The resource file needs work.  Cleaned up a really nasty problem 
   22 with infinite loops on copy/paste in button.c (see tt_pasting).
   24 To build this, if you have DECC, DW 1.2-5 and VMS 7.2-1 (the latter
   25 probably doesn't matter) do:
   27 $ @make
   29 in the top directory.  Expect a bunch of I and W warnings, but nothing 
   30 worse.  Then define a foreign symbol for xterm for the resulting .exe.
   32 26-JAN-2000.  Enabled logging.  When this is turned on from the menu
   33 it creates a new file SYS$SCRATCH:XTERM_LOG.TXT and writes everything that
   34 goes to the screen into it.  This may slow down output a bit as each block
   35 of data read must be copied to disk.  The log file has RMS format stream-lf
   36 and typically has a <CR> at the end of each line. 
   38 27-JAN-2000.  Discovered a bug when doing an X11 paste into an EDT session,
   39 had to add a tt_start_read() in button.c after the paste to reenable the
   40 read AST.  Rearranged code in VMS.C to make the compiler happy and 
   41 eliminate warnings.
   43 David Mathog
   44 mathog@seqaxp.bio.caltech.edu
   45 Manager, sequence analysis facility, biology division, Caltech 
   48 $XFree86: xc/programs/xterm/AAA_README_VMS.txt,v 1.2 2000/06/13 02:28:37 dawes Exp $