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    1   OpenBSD version originally written and maintained by Brian Grayson
    2 (bgrayson@netbsd.org). Brought up-to-date with OpenBSD 5 by Tomi Tapper
    3 (tomi.o.tapper@jyu.fi). This version has been made on OpenBSD version 5.1.
    4 It may work on other versions (earlier or later) as well. Please test and
    5 report if possible.
    7 For building xosview by hand, add these lines into .config.
    9 CPPFLAGS += -I/usr/X11R6/include
   10 LDLIBS += -lkvm -L/usr/X11R6/lib
   13 *****************************************************************************
   14   Note:  xosview needs to run 'setgid kmem' in order to access some of the
   15     kernel information (at least until some more statistics are added to
   16     the /kern or /proc file systems).  If you do not have root or kmem
   17     permission on the machine, xosview will not run.
   18 *****************************************************************************