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    1   The majority of the xosview source code is covered by the GNU
    2 General Public License (GPL), which is presented in the file
    5   In addition, a portion of the NetBSD port's code is covered under
    6 the traditional BSD copyright, which is presented in COPYING.BSD.  If you
    7 plan on modifying or distributing any portion of this code, make sure
    8 that you agree to the terms in the BSD copyright (which in general is
    9 less restrictive than the GPL, from what I've seen, but I'm not a
   10 lawyer-type).  These files are:
   11   netbsd/swapinternal.cc
   13   Lastly, various portions of the xosview source code were developed
   14 by various authors who have intentionally chosen to allow the user
   15 to choose between the BSD copyright or the GPL copyright.  These files
   16 are:
   17   fieldmeterdecay.h
   18   fieldmeterdecay.cc
   19   general.h
   20   netbsd/MeterMaker.h
   21   netbsd/MeterMaker.cc
   22   netbsd/cpumeter.h
   23   netbsd/cpumeter.cc
   24   netbsd/diskmeter.h
   25   netbsd/diskmeter.cc
   26   netbsd/loadmeter.h
   27   netbsd/loadmeter.cc
   28   netbsd/memmeter.h
   29   netbsd/memmeter.cc
   30   netbsd/netbsd.h
   31   netbsd/netbsd.cc
   32   netbsd/netmeter.h
   33   netbsd/netmeter.cc
   34   netbsd/swapmeter.h
   35   netbsd/swapmeter.cc
   37   Brian Grayson, Feb. 1997