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    2 * Manpage examples turned into tests
    3   Convert most examples from xorriso(1) manpage into tests.
    5 * Enhance 'auto_isocontent'
    6   Extend it to use some more demanding directory tree.
    7   MD5s should be checked.
    8   All file types as of stat(2) should be tested.
    9   Test various comparisons:
   10   xorriso provides built-in means for comparison: 
   11   xorriso -compare_r disk_path iso_rr_path
   12   xorriso -indev my.iso -find /   vs. find input_dir
   13   bsdtar -xf my.iso               vs. input_dir
   15 * Test for wrong CD sizes would need a new test and probably an
   16   automatic CD changer.
   18 * Library unit tests - investigate the possibility to write some
   19   cunit-based tests (http://cunit.sourceforge.net) for both
   20   xorriso.h and libisoburn.h API's. The code samples could be put into
   21   codesamples/ directory and run by auto_cxx or a separate auto_ script.
   23 * ??? Still to decide:
   24   Delete debian-testing-i386-businesscard.iso with ./run_all_auto -c
   25   Contra: Currently remaining large files (like downloaded ISO images) are
   26   simply left behind to be re-used and a boldified info message is shown
   27   so the users can decide for themselves what to remove or leave as well.
   28   Pro: Leaving 70 MB of image is quite obtrusive. Option -c is not run
   29   under normal circumstances. So it could well be used for total cleanup.
   30   Alternative: Specific option --remove_image.
   32 * ??? Still to decide:
   33   Have a script ./run_all_manual
   34   Contra argument: if a releng sctipt is suitable to be run under a master
   35   script run_all*, then this releng script should be put into auto_*
   36   namespace , otherwise it is manual_*.
   37   Pro: Tests may be manual because they demand lots of resources, not
   38   because they need manual attention. In general the run_all_manual script
   39   shall spare the user the plight to read the documentation. Instead it
   40   shall present the manual tests, give an opportunity to skip the test,
   41   and ask for parameters,