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Member "xorriso-1.5.4/libburn/cleanup.h" (30 Jan 2021, 1178 Bytes) of package /linux/misc/xorriso-1.5.4.pl02.tar.gz:

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    1 /*
    2  cleanup.c , Copyright 2006 Thomas Schmitt <scdbackup@gmx.net>
    4  A signal handler which cleans up an application and exits.
    6  Provided under GPLv2+ within GPL projects, BSD license elsewise.
    7 */
    9 #ifndef Cleanup_includeD
   10 #define Cleanup_includeD 1
   13 /** Layout of an application provided cleanup function using an application
   14     provided handle as first argument and the signal number as second
   15     argument. The third argument is a flag bit field with no defined bits yet.
   16     If the handler returns 2 or -2 then it has delegated exit() to some other
   17     instance and the Cleanup handler shall return rather than exit.
   18 */
   19 typedef int (*Cleanup_app_handler_T)(void *, int, int);
   22 /** Establish exiting signal handlers on (hopefully) all signals that are
   23     not ignored by default or non-catchable.
   24     @param handle Opaque object which knows how to cleanup application
   25     @param handler Function which uses handle to perform application cleanup
   26     @param flag Control Bitfield
   27            bit0= reset to default signal handling
   28 */
   29 int Cleanup_set_handlers(void *handle, Cleanup_app_handler_T handler,
   30                          int flag);
   33 #endif /* ! Cleanup_includeD */