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X Windows Font List

Copying xfontlst

Selecting a Font

To select a font in X Windows, first run xlstfnt. This narrows your search to a group of fonts having a similar style. Next, run xshwfnt to see which of the fonts in the group match your criteria.


The following is the syntax for running xlstfnt.

      xlstfnt '*bitstream*'

This example lists all the font names in X Windows containing the word bitstream.


The following is the syntax for running xshwfnt.

      xshwfnt '*bitstream*'

This example displays all the fonts in X Windows containing the word bitstream in the font name.

Scroll Forward

Press the letter f to scroll forward through the font.

Scroll Back

Press the letter b to scroll back to the beginning of the same font.

Next Font

Press the letter n to view the next font.

Previous Font

Press the letter p to view the previous font.


Press Escape to quit.


xshwfnt displays the first 256 characters of the font. The display shows 16 or 8 characters per row, depending on the size of the font. If the font doesn't fit on 1 screen, pressing n shows the rest of the font.

The font name is the first line in the display.