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    1 This information is taken nearly verbatim from Robert Berger's web
    2 document
    4   Why Do Images Appear Darker on Some Displays?
    5   An Explanation of Monitor Gamma
    7 (URL http://www.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs.cmu.edu/user/rwb/www/gamma.html)
    8 Those interested in further information about monitor gamma and gamma
    9 correction should start by reading that document.
   11 The gamma measurement image (gamma-test.gif) included in the xearth
   12 source distribution allows you to directly estimate the gamma of your
   13 display system. After loading the gamma-test.gif image for viewing
   14 using your favorite image viewer (e.g., xv, xloadimage), stand about 6
   15 feet away from your monitor and decide which column of the image comes
   16 closest to having equal brightness in the top and bottom halves. The
   17 number under this column is the gamma of your display system.