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    1 Urgent:
    3   - Fix a bug when there is more than one button in a key
    4     combinaison.
    5     ref: http://lists.nongnu.org/archive/html/xbindkeys-devel/2009-05/msg00001.html
    6     Update: Only one button is bound at a time (the last defined in
    7     the rc configuration file). And only one button is grabbed even
    8     when there is more than one button in the configuration file.
    9     => need more info.
   11 Maybe:
   13   - Replace the XNextEvent with a XPeekEvent/XNextEvent in the main
   14     loop to let the event pass to the underlying X application on some
   15     criteria.
   17 make a documentation more easy to understand :)
   19 convert NEWS file to the standard NEWS file format
   20 convert ChangeLog file to the standard ChangeLog file format
   21 convert AUTHORS file to the standard AUTHORS file format
   22 create a nice printable readme for printing (LaTeX or DocBook?)