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Linked stretching using the Button & NavBar Tool

This is an alternative to using the Name Gallery to control object stretching. If you create a button with text on it using the Button & NavBar Tool, the width of the button automatically stretches if you later change the amount of text.

image\PRCARROW.gif Using linked stretching

1. Create the objects in the regular way.

2. Select the Button & NavBar Tool.

3. If necessary, select the button - see Selecting objects.

4. Click New. This opens the Bar Properties dialog box.

5. Select the required options in the Bar Properties dialog box - more details on these options. Set Number of buttons to 1.

6. Click Create.

Now when you change the text, the button size automatically changes.


image\BULLET.gif You can combine this method with the Name Gallery method.

image\BULLET.gif You can still scale the button in the regular way.

image\BULLET.gif All objects that make up the button stretch as you change the size of the text. The exception is that optionally groups can be non-stretching. To make groups non-stretching select Groups do not stretch in the Bar Properties dialog box.

image\BULLET.gif You can temporarily switch off linked stretching by deselecting Live stretching on the Button & NavBar Tool Infobar.